So I've decided to keep my personal log on this's not meant to be read,but whoever reads it,fine.I just need a place to keep all the things related.

Today's Subject:Crisis

Yesterday I experienced the second crisis related to this wiki.My internet connection was down.Now...what could be wrong there?I had to log in.Because if I didn't,I would've lost a total count of 94 days on here.It is a very big deal to me,because I've gone through so much trouble trying to come back everyday and edit,I was on vacation,I didn't have very good internet reception outside the country,now I've got school..

So the first time,it wasn't the internet's fault,it was wikipedia's.I could not edit anything,and it was about 11 o'clock.I didn't know how long it would last because it never happened before.I was trying to get the two months badge,and I was,again,pretty close.Now..if I didn't get it,sure,I'd be upset,very upset,because then I was actually working on this,then with the side-tracking thing,not so much.Now,last night I had to call my friend who doesn't want to hear me talk about Twilight to log in for me,because somebody pulled my internet cable out.I don't know who that was,but if thoughts could kill...he or she would be rotting.Anyway.I really don't like these experiences,they make my hands shake a bit,because,of course,when you feel like you've worked on something and then suddenly you lose your work,it's not pretty.A good example of this is:::you work on something in microsoft word or whatever you like using as a documents program,and then you can't save it,or your laptop shuts down because you forget to plug it in or any other reason,or it simply deletes itself magically.:::(thank goodness for backup files).Now with the Twihard badge...I really want to get it,even if I don't consider myself as the ultimate Twi-hard..I'm only freaking out when it's serious.A real good challenge would be the 'I sparkle in the sun' badge(not sure if that's the exact name).200,I remember LuckyTimothy is on his way there.Well...good luck.You do come back everyday and post a thousand comments and edits,so,I don't think you need that.Just maybe good luck with your internet connection:)).So..That's today's subject.I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow.Mayb they'll bring back Monaco.

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