Didn't miss Miley Cyrus say she's a Twilight hater?With so many obsessed 10 year olds around the world that follow her moves and behaviour,yo...I'm not surprized.Some of her fans are teenage girls(who don't have a life),so maybe if they weren't brainwashed,they would've gotten to know Twilight and like it.(like us millions of people!:) )

So,maybe some of the haters come from Miley fans.Like the whole generation who watched(s) Disney.Boo.

I'm trying to imagine what a person who likes both Miley Cyrus and Twilight looks like nowO_o

P.S.:Why was there a headline for a magazine in my country that said :::"Miley Cyrus wants in Twilight" people?If she hates it,it makes no sense.

P.S.S.:The only reason I read the series further was because I read New Moon first,and when Bella went to those guys in Port Angeles,I had no idea what she was talking about.I went through the whole book kinda confused.What I liked then-the time Bella and Jacob spent together-right now...I can't really go through those pages again.

And about that little detail,'s not the best written book in the world(obviously some may say)but it's okay for me because the first thing I liked about Twilight was Bella's P.O.V. because I thought it was original and all that,and the atmosphere it had.

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