So I've been listening to all these songs...partly for need of new music and partly because I've been thinking about this for a while...I have some suggestions for songs..of course,my opinion exclusively:))


Avril Lavigne-Anything But Ordinary(just fits with the story,not sure how much with the soundtrack for the movie)

Fever Ray-Dry and Dusty

Bowling for Soup-Highschool Never Ends(again,good for the story in general..not necessarily BD,and not really the movie)

Sarah Connor-Just One Last Dance(when Bella and Jake dance..) :((.It's too...blah,for this movie,but for EVERYTHING ELSE that's going on at that particular moment,it's just right.I think.

I think Lux Aeterna should be put on the soundtrack,when Bella's heart stops and Jacob starts getting "the thoughts".Not the whole dramatic part later,just the beginning.

(Doesn't have anything to do with Breaking Dawn,but I was listening to Santana the other day and just thought "OMG,this is so for Jasper".What song?Maria,Maria.It's like perfect!!!)

I think Three Days Grace-Never Too Late is a good song for Jacob and Bella's situation,but I wouldn't have it on the soundtrack.

Placebo-Running Up That Hill-yes,I know it's already been used for Daybreakers,but so what?

My Chemical Romance-Save Yourself,I'll Hold Them Back

Not sure,at all,I haven't even listened to it,but the lyrics are...

Are you ready for a firefight? 'Cause the devils got your number, right We're never leaving this place alive but if we sing these words we'll never die

Get off the ledge and tread the line Not a victim of a victim's life This ain't a room full of suicide We believe it and I believe tonight

We can leave this world, Leave it all behind, We can steal this car if your folks don't mind, We can live forever if you've got the time.

Part of them.Whatev...

I can think of a whole lot more songs for the story,just not Breaking Dawn,not the soundtrack.That's why I was hoping you guys have lots of ideas!

They are,of course,going to pick songs nobody or very few people know about.

Two Steps From Hell-Heart of Courage?

Ohh!!And I've got another one..Tiger Army-Forever Fades Away

And Aerosmith-I Don't Want To Miss A Thing would have been great for Edward..before Breaking Dawn.

AND! If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray.

I'll think of some more songs.Until then,how about High School Musical ON the Soundtrack?:))))

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