Whew... the first blog post in a

Well...why in a while? Because...because of the same reason I haven't edited ANYTHING (oh, it's good to know it still hurts to say it, whatev, write it) in...I can't remember.

I can(or am trying) to shamefully say I have only left a comment or two or talked to a certain person who at least keeps me coming back around here( thank you thank you thank you Steph) to not lose...the whatever connection I have left with this site..and the day count..cause I'd freak, which means I kind of still care.

The thing is, I don't think about Twilight all that much anymore, I'm not very excited about it...I just don't see much in it anymore. My Twilight Obsession Is Dying Down...again. I know I've experienced it before, but then I used to talk about Twilight, like a Twi-nerd, without showing much interest in it, just corrected all my friends whenever they'd make a remark.(not defend, correct!)

So what can I do..............I'm lost. I really don't want to lose what I have here for a minor break..and I don't know anything that can spike up my interest. I'm jumping up and down at thoughts like Christian Bale shooting the third part of the Batman franchise in Bucharest...and with Anne Hathaway..whereas BD is months away..

I just don't know anything that can keep Twilight sticking to me.


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