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If you were a newborn vampire...

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Just a few questions to test your super fan minds.This blog assumes the existence of vampires is true.

So imagine you are in a situation like: you're walking home at night and you get bitten; you're in a dangerous situation and after you get bitten; or you know, quite anything.

1.Where would you most likely be when you'd get bitten?(this is actually more of a choice, as in where would you want to be)

2.You just woke up. You remember the events of the past few years of your life, but the rest is a blur. Would you know what you are and what is happening to you?

3.Would you freak out or be sort of like "This is so cool!" ?

4.After some time passes, you realize you miss your family and you'd like to see them, but you know you can't control yourself. Do you go, hoping you'll be strong enough? Or do you stay away, and watch them from afar?

5.If you chose to stay away: you have quite some time before you can go back to your family (if you choose to eventually). If you remember your Twilight obsession, and realize what's happening to you is very similar or really the same as what is being described in the book as a 'newborn', would you get suspicious of Stephanie Meyer? :)). No, I'm just joking. I know I could care less about Stephanie Meyer if I was a newborn vampire. The real question: where would you spend your time until you could go back to your family?

If you chose to go see them: would they be frightened and not accept you, or would they try their best to understand? (assuming, of course, that you haven't killed them -.-')

6.Would you hunt animals or humans?

7.Now the most fun question:what would you do with your newfound strenght, speed, etc?

8.And do you think you would have a gift?What would it be?

9.Back to more serious matters: because of your age, you can or can't go back to school.What would you do?

10.If you're a vampire...there sure must be others out there.Would you try to find them?And what if there were...the Volturi?

I like mystery at the end.

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