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Well I didn't want the title to say it all,so...

If you could be related (as in,really related, blood related) to anyone in the Twilight Saga, who would it be,and why?And what kind of, hm, what's it, sister, brother, mother..etc.

For me it would have to be Edward, I'd love having him as my brother because he's very smart and listens to so much music and because, well, duh, all my friends would be soooo jealous.

Then again, Emmett would be a very very close second choice, because he's not dumb people, at all! Too often in fanfiction we see people making Emmett dumb/rude/child-like or all of the above and more.I'd like him to pick me up at school in his Jeep once. Just once would be enough and imagine who'd be the unfortunate one to even try to insult me ONCE. :))

So between those two, I'd choose....can't I have them both??? *whines*

Of course I'd love having Alice as my sister anyday,because I love shopping.Not really into parties that much..but if they were thrown by Alice and she'd pick my outfit for me on the other

Esme would,no question,be the perfect mother.And don't let me get started on who wouldn't love a father like that?Even if weird,I think,brother.

I like all the Cullens ( the initial Cullens),so it's really hard to pick.

As a brother, I'd like him to be *gulp* E....Emmett.

And as a sister, definately Alice.

AND between those two, I'd pick Edward! :)) I really would like both of them.

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