The thing about Twilight

You know what the thing about Twilight is?All the characters who practically have limitless potential end up getting f***** over(I'm not afraid to say it.But please don't ban me:d).Yes,they do.How many characters do we know that Stephenie just doesn't give a damn about?They're just puppets to better orchestrate Bella and Edward universe.Jake is one example.He even had his own P.O.V.He got dumped,crushed-both physically and emotionally-, and just was there to make everything easier.Just when he took control over his Alpha role,Edward asked him if he could bite Bella to change her once the fetus is out.Yes,of course he agrees.Yup...its just great.All the characters...Alice,who people just love,who makes the story better,who saves their lives,doesn't even have a back story.Yup...waiting for the Official Illustrated Guide like the day we'll use laptops in school.This is what I truly,honestly,HATE about the Twilight Saga.It ends all for me,when Steph gets into details of the past and then just brings back Bella and Edward.

Jacob's character got created,reinvented,it bloomed beautifully.He turned into that person who also is willing to fight for Bella's love,the more exciting character people are attracted to,a new thing,always fresh,and his point of view was brilliant.My favorite part of the series.Bella's eyes before the change are too weak,and after the change are too blind to see anything besides her awesomeness.She was not the best choice for a heroine, or the best choice for a point of view.But what are you gonna do.Bella's gotta be who Bella's gotta be.Which is,at the end of the day,the most important person in the whole frickin' series.End of story.Live with it or not.You kinda have to.

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