I keep getting these thoughts,and they all go like:What if....and the rest is history.So right now,I'm thinking:What if(God please don't let it happen)one of the actors,like Robert Pattinson-who we all know people like enough to freak out-got hurt
Rob Pattinson injured during New Moon filming
or something,and he would not appear in Breaking Dawn???The world's going to hell for teenage girls.They practically cannot see anyone else play Edward.Seriously.(*mutters*yeah,me neither-not after 3 movies).Of course,I want him to be in tip top shape for certain scenes-that won't happen-so no bad thoughts there.I want to know how people would react to that and if they've actually considered it(no,fangirls certainly haven't,they can't see anything happen to Pattz,never."NOT.HIM.No Way.Oh please be okay!!!!")Blah.

No flaming please,just crossed my mind.

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