Have you been trying very hard these days to custom your signature, and sometimes you really thought it would work, sometimes you were so close, but obviously, there must be something you're doing wrong.I've read the following page 3 or 4 times, done everything as I should, and it I'm a little retarded. ::: ::: Then I've tried about a dozen sites of html for fonts,colors, and whatnot.Okay...still not working?Don't worry, you're not even halfway there!

You're gonna have to read another dozen forums about how to create a signature on the wiki.But no,those won't even tell you how to start..

So when you're done with that!Come back, cut what you think from the code you got on that page above, replace it, put it back, do a little changes, have trouble with wikipedia, check the box(you know,the little annoying box with the option of customizing the sig), uncheck the box.....and only then!Only then can you go to other sites, make your signature, and then doesn't work on sites like this, because, of course, you didn't think there was some way you're supposed to do it.HTML,BB,ADHD(just kidding)....dude, you must be tired. You just have to come back, write a blog about it, hope that by some unlikely chance that somebody, anybody will save you from the torture...then you just have to wait.And wait.And wait. And be eternally grateful to whoever gives you some kind of tip.


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