Disclaimer:I don't own what comes later into the story,like characters from The Twilight Saga,but I do own Crystal,Rae,Bert and Alison.And the idea for the fic.

Crystal Clear Chapter Three:Can't wait to get to know you

Embry P.O.V.

I watched her carefully as she sighed and hoped she wouldn’t walk away from me because I was a little too curious for a stranger.

My thoughts drifted to my brothers in the pack,who had already imprinted last year.I was the only one left,along with Seth and Leah,but I didn’t know if she’d ever imprint on anyone.

Now,I couldn’t believe I found my imprint in the most trivial of places,a library,doing the most boring thing I’d ever been faced with:buying my mom a present for her birthday.I’ve used the time I spent as one of the ’single,lonely people’ as Paul put it to think about-or rather fantasize-about how I’d find my imprint,but then reality brought me back and came up with lots of possibilities,like the one that she might not be alive,or born yet and all that.

The guys’ behaviour has been annoying me to no end,and once it got the better of me,so I asked the most inappropriate of persons what he felt like when he imprinted.Paul said: Suddenly,very calm.Like nothing in the world could annoy me.And later all that crap about gravity and love at first sight.’

Not being able to get annoyed meant a lot when talking about Paul.

I felt like..I felt okay.But as I thought back to about an hour ago,I would classify my life as the most boring,uninteresting and a waste of time.I just could not imagine my life without her from this day forth.But I didn’t know what I could do to have her near me.I was so desperate,and so afraid that I might not see her again.But she lives on the reservation now,doesn’t she?At least it’ll give me some time to explain this to her..or at least make her like me and not think I’m a creep.

So I want to get to know least buy myself some time.

”Okay.But don’t judge me by my family,k?” she said,making me frown.Right now,I only cared about her,and anything her family-well,father-did was of no importance to me.How could I jugde her by other people’s actions?

”Hey,you’re you..don’t worry ’bout it.”

She sighed again.

”You’re from around here,right?”

How did that have anything to do with...well.I was surprized a little,how could she tell?I couldn’t tell if she was from around or not.


”Maybe..while we could..”

It didn’t take me long to figure out what she wanted to ask me even before she said it.

”Show you around?You got it.”

She laughed at how I’d completed her sentence..but there was just something about her laugh that was strained..she seemed like the kind of person that had something keeping her from doing that.That only made me want to find out more.

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