Disclaimer:I don't own what comes later into the story,like characters from The Twilight Saga,but I do own Crystal,Rae,Bert and Alison.And the idea for the fic.

Crystal Clear Chapter

I tried my best to simply stare and not glare as the stranger that now had a name threw me a grin.

"You found Embry here?How curious..."

This time he threw a grin to Embry himself.

"Cut it out,Jake.Yes,we met at the library." Embry said,in a way embarrased and defensive.

"So,when are you coming over?"

As Embry elbowed him in the ribs,which from the looks of it must've hurt,he merely laughed.I couldn't help but think there was something like a private conversation they were having-and succeding-with me no further than 6 feet.Coming over?Coming over where?And why was there a slight emphasis on 'you'?It made it sound like there have been others before me.Wait,that sounded wrong.I mean,like I was a part of something that I seriously had no idea about.

I raised an eyebrow,trying not to ask him any questions involving our earlier meeting.

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