Hey guys,

So, given the new Breaking Dawn trailer I've just finished watching, I must say, I am completely disappointed. Although, it does exactly what the book has done: made me believe it was from another Saga. There's just no connection, and to prove my point:

In this second trailer, we see, for one, the werewolf pack attacking the Cullens, which doesn't happen in the book. They plan it, but never act on it. I suppose they were desperate for some action, since all that happens is we see Bella slowly dying.

Robert Pattinson looks so changed, and it's not just him, of course, it's everyone else. Also, you've noticed that already.

Kristen Stewart's hair and make up for the wedding was not impressing at all, contrary to everyone in the book insisting she looks stunning and what not. I wasn't looking for overboard, I was looking for a little bit of finesse, instead of her coming out in a wedding dress and bangs in her face like she wasn't done with her hair. She is naturally beautiful- they could've done better. This is just my opinion, if people think she looked as described in the book, fine. I'm not going to start an argument.

I don't like Alice and Carlisle at all, and they were two of my 4 favorite characters.

I have a hunch I'm going to feel much annoyance towards Bella in this movie, if I'm even going to watch it.

Jacob I'm not even going to talk about; thoroughly disappointed there.

Aro looks weirder than EVER, and I had to use caps, because he just DOES!

These lines annoy me so much:

"If you kill her, you kill me."

"You're the enemy now. Sam won't hesitate; he will be smart."

And what takes the cake:

"You have to accept what is" or whatever she says.

This would have been a whole lot simpler if they just ripped Rosalie and Emmet apart, and whoever else they needed to, knocked Bella out and just gotten the damn thing out and we wouldn't be here. Please excuse my brutality- I am extremely annoyed, though.

I'm not going to rant much longer, so if you've read this far, thank you. The conclusion:

Overall, I am disappointed. I felt very awkward watching the trailer, and as someone on the internet said, I also felt like I was watching the whole movie in 2 minutes.

I assumed here you have seen the trailer- I haven't been on here for weeks, probably. There's could've been a blog, or whatever, about it. Everyone seems to be ahead of me when it comes to news. If not, and this is a one in a million event, then here it is:


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