Seriously!And it's not just's..some people I know....x_x

Now in fanfiction I expect everything because of its very name.But what about real life?When my friends keep telling me Edward is so gay*gasp* (please forgive me) because they read a few Twilight quotes.The most frequent one seems to be (not only from my friends) "Before you Bella,my life was like a moonless night..." I'm not gonna go on-not because I can't exactly recall what follows and people would give me,I love that quote.(except that then I get reminded the little points of reason for existence are his siblings)

So my question for today is...

Who ever read a slash or fem slash on about Twilight,of course).All other categories (pedophilia,incest-yes,that kind-,majorly dramatic non-canon-with completely wrong pairings) included.

Please note that I don't recommend it for people with severe Twilight fondness or THS.(Twi-Hard Syndrome)

P.S. Never going to read an Edward/Jacob.Ew.I am pretty open minded about fanfiction,but not like THAT,not with Twilight.

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