• Alexa dreamer20

    Hey guys,

    So, given the new Breaking Dawn trailer I've just finished watching, I must say, I am completely disappointed. Although, it does exactly what the book has done: made me believe it was from another Saga. There's just no connection, and to prove my point:

    In this second trailer, we see, for one, the werewolf pack attacking the Cullens, which doesn't happen in the book. They plan it, but never act on it. I suppose they were desperate for some action, since all that happens is we see Bella slowly dying.

    Robert Pattinson looks so changed, and it's not just him, of course, it's everyone else. Also, you've noticed that already.

    Kristen Stewart's hair and make up for the wedding was not impressing at all, contrary to everyone in the book ins…

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  • Alexa dreamer20

    ....So I see they still exist. I was going through some Reasons lists today and, just as always, was shocked to find some reasons there were irrelevant: Ten Reasons why Edward is the best: "Because he's Edward.", Jacob-hating(I don't think you need an example), or purely disgusting: "Because he makes contracting the Spanish influenza sound hot.".

    Yeah, so, what's up with that? For lack of better grammar after reading..that.

    Do people not understand the concept of a Ten Reasons-or more- list? I mean, most of those might be put up by AUs, but still. There are still fanatics out there.*creepy music starts playing in background*

    Is a logged in user one of those?>:) I am so curious.

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  • Alexa dreamer20

    True Blood

    June 26, 2011 by Alexa dreamer20

    Sooooooo.. is there anyone here who watches True Blood? I just wanted to know if I should, and wanted someone with vampiric abilities(I'm not referring to Pudding here, not at all) and experience(because I trust you guys with sporks and stakes) to point me in the right direction(not in the sun, mind you) given my lack of inspiration lately.

    That's all. Thank you. Anticipated.

    Alexa_dreamer20 (talk) 20:31, June 26, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Alexa dreamer20

    Soooo I just realized Twilight was born on the fateful day of June 2nd, 2003, which was like, by my math, 8 years ago. 8 FRICKIN YEARS, guys!!

    (Well actually it is June 2nd here, so sorry to be late or early, or repetitive, I dunno)

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  • Alexa dreamer20

    New Fic

    May 13, 2011 by Alexa dreamer20

    So, I know I haven't been around here in a while even if I do come back every day, but I have something to share::

    This fic in hilarious, well at least I know I almost choked on some chapters. Really guys, I know there are tons of fics with the Cullens IMing or passing notes or going to therapy, but this.. this is ROFl stuff. At least for me.

    So.. I don't really want to spoil anything, but here is some passages and stuff that might want to make you read it.

    " ...Dover...Benjamin...oh my gosh.. ..." At this point Bella and Jasper both exploded which set off Emmett again.

    I glared at Edward and thought What the hell is so funny Edward? You guys are acting like two y…

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