Photo of Highway 90


Highway 90 Is A Fictional Major Highway That Runs From North America Through Mexico And Down Through South America And The Amazon This Highway Is The Setting For My Version of Twilight  


That Highway Is Notorious For Car Accidents Everytime Police Arrive On Scene They Typically Find Drivers Completely Drained of Their Blood It Is Unknown What The Cause of This Might Be The Locals Suspect That It's Some Lab Experiment Gone Wrong Anyway The Highway Was Commissioned By The SATO/NATO Governments To Function As An International Freeway The Project Was Abandon When Construction Workers Started Going Missing The SATO/NATO Forced The Completion of The Freeway At The Cost of Many Contractors Now This Same Highway Continues To Claim Lives As Unexplained Paranormal Phenomenon Causes Fatal Car Accidents So Far Very Few Have Actually Survived To Come Forward About It  

Close Encounters of The Twilght Kind:

At Some Point During The Events of Half-Life A Human Is Sent To The Amazon To Recover The Remains of A Combine Space Probe This Human Comes In Direct Contact With The Amazon Coven And Actually Lives To Talk About It However When This Human Went Public About It This Human Was Made Fun of However This Human Knows About Coven On Earth And Spends The Rest of Life Looking Over His Shoulder In Terror Stricken Fear of What's Out There 

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