1 Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Please select all that apply. I'm on team edward so don't call me a coward I can call edward if i fall together we'll have a ball he calls me his special doll don't know why some people choose team jacob if that were me i'd rather throw up Jacob is a jerk never feel that special perk Edward is so romantic doesn't make me frantic The quote that says "when you can live forever what do u live for?" without a doubt I'd choose Edward there's no need to pout Edward can be so dazzling he's the reason that might make my heart stop beating there's no need for treason Jacob is soo evil he's the reason that calls for treason Edward's just so loving there's no need for all that puffing we all know he's drop dead gorgeous Jacob is just so BOGUS! TEAM EDWARD DOMINATES he's the one that gets all the dates Team Jacob is so lame He'll never be in the Hall of Fame 2 did u like this poem? Please select all that apply. yes no its k i'll leave how i feel in comments!! (plz leave in comments!!)

Which of the following is most true for you? I have a child/children. I'd like to go back to college and get smarter. None of the above.

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