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Lyrics That match how bella feels about edward

Boy if you ever left my, my sideIt'd be like taking the sun from the skyI'd probably die without you in my life'Cause I need you to shine, shine your light You're everything to me, heyThe air that I breathe, whoaMy sun so I seeOh lordy, you're everything to me I can't repay you, all that you've doneAlways come first and second to noneAll that you've given me is equal to tenMy peace, my joy you are my, my strength You're everything to me, heyThe air that I breathe, ohMy sun so I seeOh, you're everything to me Boy, I never thought I'd feel love like thisBetter than our first date, sweeter than our first kissAnd you, ain't no other person for meYou're my best friend, my lover Baby, you're my everything You're everything to meThe air that I breatheMy sun so I seeYou're everything to me Say it I need youI need youI need youi need you


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