Someone forgot to tell him, where he could find happiness.

He drew his feelings to someone he thought loved him back, But she had found someone who had what she lacked. He drew back ,hurt and walked away, His anger grew stronger every single day.

She had found love while he had found rejection, He was not near her lover’s perfection. He lost his mind, he lost his way! She gave him life to become her beloved’s prey.

He ached and howled in such a bad state, He had been selfish, she used to say. He wasn’t being selfish, he was trying for her life, The one thing he wants to protect ,and she’s put on such a strife.

So he ran away trying to evade the situation But she came back with some sort of frustration; Her lover had left her and she was in grief, And my beloved Jacob became her handkerchief.

Masochism took him over, All this pain made him rover. He took his chances, tried it all out, But she blew him out without doubt.

Once again rejection took it’s place, My dear Jacob suffered his disgrace. She loved a monster, and he was a not She walked away, left him, forgot.

And now that he was better, she came along, She made everything feel so wrong. Once again masochism took him over, And his mind began to rover.

Betraying his own clan to save her from death, Trying not to leave Edward without breath. He stood by her side, like a great loser would, Standing in-between something that he never understood.

Now you tell me, doesn’t he deserve a happy ending ? He’s hurt, alone and pending. My dear Jacob, why aren’t you by my side? You surely are my right type of guy. THIS IS ONLY 4 TEAM JACOB PEOPLE

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