Edward Cullen,a name that makes girls scream like a moth to a flame he was created from a dream

He was born in nineteen-oh-one he is pale white and ice cold and sparkles in the sun this story had to be told

He met a girl named Bella who turned his life upside down with her eyes so warm and brown He lives with his family in a small,rainy town

He couldn't be around her scent so he borrowed his dad's car and off to Alaska he went

He saved her from a speeding car by running across the parking lot faster than a shooting star

Their love is one of a kind he has tried more than once to read her mind

Their love runs deep he comes to her room every night and loves to watch her sleep

He made her a lullaby and after her 18th birthday he told her goodbye

He believes he has no soul but she disagrees her love made him feel whole

He told her you are my life and in breaking dawn they became husband and wife and Bella will always be a beautiful swan

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