its called eternity and its from edwards point of view

ETERNITY: you will always be my only one i will love you unconditionally for always and eternity

you smell so lovely as are lips draw near, you see the secret ive been hiding i want you to choose me not him

sometimes i dont think you can see how dangerouse i really can be so i ask you why not choose the other man? your answer is sweet like the lullaby i sing

i cant wait for eternity with you every day and every night your face will be my gleaming light i do not need heaven if i have forever with you

our love is differant human and vampire but to me your and angel god sent you saved me from my dark and lonely life but now i have you thats all i need to be happy for eternity

so sleep my bella dream happy dreams in the morning youll see me do not worry i wont leave you are my everything for always and eternity

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