Your breath and your touch makes me weak Though I can’t get enough of you Your lips are cold as ice Though on my lips it’s warm Your skin in the sun glitters Though I want to touch you more I try so hard to take it slow Though you drive me crazy You dazzle me with your smile and looks Though you can’t help it Days go by that I think about our ages Though you never want me like you I try to find out why you ignored me Though it was for my own safety Many times I told you I loved you Though you said it back You try so hard not to hurt me Though we run into obstacles I know you can’t read my mind or what I’m thinking Though you’re always there when I’m in trouble Your topaz eyes is what draws me closer to you Though your eyes are different the next I don’t know why I’m not afraid of you Though I know it’s doesn’t matter I love you is only words for some people Though for me it is forever with you All I say to you is “bite me” So that I’ll always be with you

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