Breaking dawn fan poster12

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

Eclipse poster bella swan

The Twilight Saga Eclipse


The Twilight Saga New Moon



Life After The Twilight Series♥

Can't wait for breaking dawn cause it's the final saga of the book series but when the second part of breaking dawn comes out what will we do when the whole twilight saga series is over we'll probaly still be talking about it so if you are a twilight fan and you have a daughter or a son you should tell them to try to read twilight then they go on to new moon then eclispe then breaking dawn then midnight sun and then the last book of the twilight book that will be ever made the short second life of bree taner.So when we all grow up we'll always remember the memories of the twilight series.Oh gosh my getting all teary eye I think I'm going to cry well I gotta go.Bye

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