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bella-vampire.jpg|something quick I made on photo shop
bella-vampire.jpg|something quick I made on photo shop
comic.jpg|A comic based on the scene where Jacob imprints. Not that good really lol. made on photoshop.
comic.jpg|A comic based on the scene where Jacob imprints. Not that good really lol. made on photoshop.

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Meee =-

meh xD

Hey, I'm zack =]

I love twilight =]

If I didn't I wouldn't be here =]

Well my story is, in early mid 2009 I was staying over my friends house for the night, so we decided to rent a movie, so we was at the video store and he was like 'Hey, have you seen twilight?' and I replied 'No, I haven't really bothered to watch it' and he was like 'OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!' and I was all confused 'coz I didn't know what the fuss was about. So we went back to his place and watched it, and I was completely hooked after that, I went home and watched it again about 5 times in the following week. So obviously I was insanely excited about new moon and saw it first day release, after that I thought 'I have to read these books!' so I borrowed them off my brothers girlfriend and loved them. So now I'm in love with the books and films and cant wait for eclipse to come out (on my birthday xD)

So that's it really. Talk to me if you want, I'll reply :)

Suggestions for the Eclipse Soundtrack:

1) Redemption - renfue

2)Thats what you get - Paramore

3) Never Forget you - The Noisettes (maybe the scene where she runs off with jacob?)

4) Muse - Undesclosed Desires ( I really wanted this to be in newmoon but obviously it wasn't :[ )

5) MGMT - Of Moons , Birds and Monsters

6) Lostprophets - Shnobi VS Dragon Ninja (Battle scene... maybe?)

7) Lostprophets - Its not the end of the world now baby (but i can see it from here)

8) Hollywood Undead - Dove and Grenade (another contender for the battle scene?)

9) Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This

10) MGMT - Weekend Wars

I will add more when I think of some, if you have suggestions yourself leave them on my talk page, I would love to hear them :)

Please don't think of me as one of those people who only like one genre and think everybody else is stupid for not listening to the one genre, they are all rock, indie, or rock related 'coz I think that is the best genre to fit in with the twilight saga. I love all types of music, except RNB and chavy rave music XD lolz


twilight - 1

new moon - 1/2 (I didn't like it much and I'd seen the movie, and heard not much was different so I didn't bother reading the rest, I'll probably read it all the way through soon)

eclipse - 1

breaking dawn 1

NOW READING: Eclipse (again 2nd time)


Twilight - 8

New Moon - 5

(I know its nothing compared to some people lol)

Teams :

Team Alice

Team Alec

Team Aro

Team Renesmee

Team Edward

Pages I've Made :

Quileute Couples

Easter eggs

"What if..."

I also love harry potter but not nearly as much as twilight :D

Sorry if I seem rude, arrogant or mean when commenting or talking, I probably don't mean too.


Add me on PSN if you got it =]

my ID is : zackb456

if you do add me could you please tell me that you got my name off here in the message please =] thanks

My MSN address is :

again, if you do add me can you tell me where you got my e-mail from, thanks :D

And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of forever. ♥

Oh. And I like chicken stir fry, its awesome, you cant deny. xD

♫I've seen love die, way to many times, when it deserved to be alive.♫

Reading Festival 2010 here I come! =D

I love you fothermuckerzz you sexy beaverzzz <3



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