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About me

My favorite book is Breaking Dawn. My favorite characters are Fred, Renata, Chelsea, Corin, Marcus, Victoria, and Alistair. I made my own characters too.

My favorite pages

Gifts I made up

  • Single Telepathy: The ability to read the thoughts of the one person in the user's concentration, from a distance. However, this is more potent than Edward's in the sense that the user can read subtle, subconscious, prominent and hidden thoughts. Not just the thoughts going through the person's mind at the time. Strong memories that are "leftover" in a mind are easily accessible, but that's as far as she can go other than passing thoughts. Content, not just surface thoughts. Like Edward's and Aro's, this gift is mental.
  • Thought Projection: The user can place subtle thoughts into the minds of others. However, this is not mind control. The target can do whatever he/she wants with the thought. The target simply believes the thought came from their own mind. This is obviously mental.
  • Synergy: The special ability to make others feel cooperative. Targets usually start thinking critically and are able to assess and express their thoughts more effectively. When the user is working with a group, the group starts working as a team. The user can also use this gift consciously, making others agree with him. Those who experience this gift depend on the user for balance, creating a sort of invisible magnetism. This power, like Jasper's, is physical and goes unaffected by Bella's mental shield.
  • Soul Sight: The empathic ability to sense the desires, dreams, hopes, intentions and prides of others. The user simply has to be in proximity to get a read on the target in question. This abilly is purely mental and would prove fruitless against Bella's ability.
  • Social Cloaking: This ability is a type of shield that allows the user to be able to blend into any type of society. For example the user can walk into a restaurant and immediately assume a waiter, or go into a crime organization and assume a the role of domestic servant. The user feels the general emotions of a society or group of people by having an internal social mirror. The user can mingle into any situation. The user accomplishes this by nullifying the minds of others to easily merge into a group, thus making this gift mental.
  • Authority Identification: The ability to discern who the most important person is in any given situation. The user can also determine the roles and important uses of anyone in a similar manner. By attaching himself to that person, he makes who ever he is singling out feel more important. The target ultimately starts to like the user and subconsciously agree with whatever he is saying. The user is more subtly able to sense the amount of power or the level of strength that someone has. He/She can also sense the importance and potential importance of each person, in a certain situation. This gift is mental.
  • Tactile Energy Sap: This ability saps the energy of those who touch the user. The user can control the amount of energy sapped. This ability is mental.

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