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July 2, 2011

My name is Kayla, and i'm 14 years old. My hair is darkbrown, and my eyes are blue. I totally adore twilight, and i could sit therer for ever, watching the movies and read the books. I was born in Seattle, and live here, and i'm not planning to leave Seattle in future. I'm not the type of girl, that starts screaming, when she sees her favorite actor from twilight (in my case: Xavier Samuel). I'd rather try getting to the front, and asking nicely for an autograph and a picture with him. Maybe give him a hug or something like that, but not screaming, like i'm going to die if i don't touch him. Even though i would be pretty upset ^^. But i guess...the screaming would come a bit later when im home again ^^'

Me and 'twilight'Edit

Thanks to my best Friend Brittany, i was able to discover twilight. She came to school with the books every single day, and would start reading it during classes. She was totally crazy for it, and wanted me to read the books too. Well, after a while, i could not take her saying "please, please, please!" all the time, so i just started reading it. I never planed, to finish it, or even start reading the other parts, but i just could not stop reading. Just a few months later, twilight came to the cinemas. Me and Brittany went totally crazy, and we went to the cinema to watch that movie 12 times! We were both so crazy for Edward, and had poster from Edward/Robert all over our rooms! When New Moon then came to the cinemas, we watched it 14 times. After that movie, we both were crazy for Jacob, tearing down all Edward posters and replace them with Jacob/Taylor posters. And with Eclipse, it was even worse (in my case). Brittany kept on 'loving' Jacob. Brit acctually didn't want to watch the movie again after the 11th time, but i just wanted to watch it again, beacase i was just crazy for Riley! Just because of the few minutes he appears in, i went to the cinemas 24 (!) times! I spent all my money for that, and acctually cried at the beginning when he got bitten, and when he died. At the part where Victoria kept saying that she loves Riley, i threw popcorn at the screen, and called her a dirty little lier, and i kept mumbling "Listen to Edward, listen to Edward!" And i even remember one time, after he got tored away by Seth, i went out crying :'(

Riley BiersEdit

I realy like him/Xavier Samuel. His story is so sad. He had a nice life, and then Victoria came and just destroyed everything. She makes him believe, that she loves him, just to make him do what she wants. This is one of the main reasons, why i don't like Victoria. Well, maybe she did lov him, but if she did, then the revenge was still more important to her. Riley is a victim, of Victorias evil plan. And he doen't even know, until it's to

late. I really feel sorry for him, and i am totally on Team Riley. And Xavier is an amazing actor. In the beginning scene, i could acctually feel the pain he was going trough. Xavier/Riley looks adorable aswell *-* Xavier just looks cute and innocent ^^ And Riley, it's like when you look at him, you know, he is a bad guy. Not only beacuse of the red eyes, it's just the was he looks at you. And what i realize now is. The Boys, that i loved the most, all look like Riley/Xavier. They have...the same face and the same smile Oo. Well that's crazy i know. My very favorite Riley scene, is where he says/yells: "What did i say, about a low profile?" i just love that part x3 and then, when he talks to Bree. That scene includes my two favorite characters: Riley and Bree ^^ Of course, i hate Seth. But i acctually still have the crazy thought, that Riley survived, at least in the movies :'( I mean common! Did you see Seth bring Rileys parts to that fire? NO! Can Seth make a fire on his own to burn Riley? NO! Maybe he is in parts now, but that would mean, someone could put him back together :) Well...that's just what i am hoping ^^. I LOVE RILEY BIERS/XAVIER SAMUEL 4 EVA x333

What if...Edit

In my head, i have a lot of ideas what could have happened different in eclipse...

What if...

...Riley came around the corner, instead of Charlie, when Bella comes home?

...Riley had killed Charlie?

...The Volturi decided to kill the newborns right away when they watched them?

...Riley listened to what Edward sayed, and attacked Victoria?

...Bree survived?

...Jasper was not there to train the others?

...the newborns destroyed the Cullens?

...Bella came in to her room while Riley was still there?

And at last...Edit

Maybe you think, that what i wrote was a lot ^^' But i'm pretty sure, there are some profiles, with even more text! I just LOVE writing, and once i've started, i can never stop ^^' I just wrote down, what came in my head ^^

Here are my three favorite Videos ^^ (Of course all Riley ;))


I would say...the lyrics...kinda get it to the point ;)


I so love the end *-* "You're dead!" x33


I love the music - it kinda fits ^^

And here come my two favorite songs ^^


My absolute FAVORITE song *_*


Aaaand my second favorite ^^

Thats it ^^


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