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New Moon- Felix
 Felix seems to be somewhat flirtatious and lighthearted. He is confident , maybe even cocky , possibly due to his unequaled fighting skills. He and Demetri appear to be close friends, and are often paired together for missions.'In New Moon, he is seemingly disappointed when Bella doesn't stay in Volterra, and Edward seems annoyed by his interest in her. In Eclipse, when the Volturi finally notice the chaos, he winks at Bella. In Breaking Dawn, he compliments Bella's "new face" and says, "It's too bad....". Although he trails off, Bella assumes he was about to say that it was too bad that they were going to have to kill her. Bella, then, sarcastically agrees; and he winks, yet again. He is somewhat of a comedian and a flirt, and in New Moon, Bella sees him wink at Gianna, the Volturi's human secretary, who responds by giggling, and later calls "dibs" on Bella, further angering Edward.'However Felix could also be extremely vicious, a common trait for a vampire due to their predatory instincts. He was well known for his incredible fighting abilities which suited the highly aggressive and even murderous side of his personality. The most notable display of his brutality was when he executed the innocent Bree Tanner, even though she was only sixteen years old and had not understood vampire laws. This shocking act of violence showed that beneath his flirtatiou
Daniel Cudmore as Felix
s and charming demeanour was a cold blooded murderer.[1]

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