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"Wait... In 'Breaking Dawn', I fall in love with your three-minute-old daughter? SERIOUSLY?" "I'm afraid so, Jake..."
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If you say so...

I'm not much of a Twilight fan, actually, but I did read Twilight, Breaking Dawn, and New Moon, in that order. I also read Midnight Sun... which I tend to ignore, because I felt it ran Edward's characterization into the ground. Don't worry, my preferences won't affect my editing on this Wiki. Unless I see information that's missing, I'll only be rearranging sentences to make them read more smoothly and make tenses consistent within sections.

Have a nice day!

PeopleMagJakeBike This user is on Team Jacob.

Favorite Twilight-Related ThingsEdit

  • Werewolves or Vampires?: Where's the bonfires and the anti-leech spray?
  • Favorite Vampire: Carlisle
  • Favorite Volturi Member: Here, I'd like to take Jane and Alec as a single 'member'.
  • Favorite Werewolf: Jacob. Put him down under "Favorite Character Overall", too.
  • Favorite Twilight Book: Tie between New Moon and Breaking Dawn, but since I only really like New Moon for Jacob, Breaking Dawn.
  • Favorite Chapter Title: "THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS"

My favorite pagesEdit

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