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Edward Cullen!!! <3

About meEdit

I just LOVE the Twilight Saga!!!!! If you haven't figured it out already by my picture, I'm on Team Edward....LOVE HIM!!!!

Anyway, I'm more into Eclipse than the other movies...And I've got a couple reasons for that: 1st: Eclipse is the BEST movie yet in the Twilight Saga. 2nd: It's more romantic. (ps, i love when Bella punches Jacob!!!). And 3rd: Edward looks way better in Eclipse...Also, the gold eyes were unimpressive in Twilight and New Moon, (they were sorta dark gold or yellow) but in Eclipse, the eyes are ACTUALLY GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Edward Cullen
  • Bella Swan
  • Alice Cullen
  • Gallery: Edward Cullen
  • Gallery: Alice Cullen
  • Gallery: Bella Swan
  • Ten Reasons Edward Is Best
  • Ten Reasons Jacob Is Stupid
  • Ten Best Eclipse Quotes
  • Ten Funniest Eclipse Quotes
  • More Theme Songs For Edward Cullen
  • Ten Reasons Why Edward Is The Best Of The Cullens
  • Eclipse Trivia Questions

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