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July 29, 2011
  • I live in Rosewood
  • My occupation is Fangirl
  • I am Female

"Edward! Stop the blood is clean, you're killing her."
Carlisle Cullen

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Hello, I'm Jus. I listen to music, I fangirl, I cry, I may lose my mind when I try to do math homework and in school, and I am far less active on this wikia, because of school, way more than I used to do, but I still try and to come on and drop by (not that often though) and I can't just leave the Wikia alone.

Up there on my stats and facts thingy, you'll see there are links to my Twitter account and my Tumblr blog, I tend to go on them more otfen everyday, but whatever. I'm always here. You can check them out, I mean if you want to though, but I mean you don't have to if you don't want to.


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About Me

So in that info box you'll see all the info about me; Jus (Twilightsagafan).

My Twilight History


So when I was in 7th grade it was probably either the second or third day of school and my first period class and me want to see where the lib was in the middle school, after we heard the rules we could look at books, and I was looking around and I saw a book in titled Twilight, so I didn't know what it was about so I read it and I loved it. So, probably a couple months after I finished Twilight, I read the second book in that saga; New Moon. And I didn't like New Moon , because mostly because of the Volturi.That Christmas my mom and dad got me copies of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.Than,I think after I finshied New Moon it was the second semester and I just to read, Eclipse, and I loved that Speth told us about the wolf legend. I was only on the part 1 (Book: Bella I) when I had to return Breaking Dawn. So after a whole summer of not knowing what was going to happen in Breaking Dawn I had to wait till the next year to finish reading it, when  I was in 8th grade that year for Christmas my mom and dad got me a nook and my dad brought me Twilight on my nook and I'm still reading it on my nook.


The following are firends that I've meet while I was on chat here on the wikia, they are my home girls and yes, I love  them for that, they always have and always be. They keep me in sane and I love every one single one or them for that, they have been my online friends for over about two years. *Blows a kiss to every single one of you guys.*

  • Bellscullen or Dorothy - Sweet. Loves Taylor Swift, tweets a lot, Loves Jen Law.
  • Ashley - sorry I forgot your username...
  • DenaliLover or Volante - Loves the Denalis, she's the one who kind of get me addicted to Adele's "Set Free"
  • Scarly or Scarlet - You should check out her fanfictions on her blog on here and on FanFiction.Net
  • LavendaBrunette or Kelly - Loves Lady Gaga, she's having some problems with her user page.
  • TheWolfPacksBitch or Carlie was ILSM - She was ILSM When I first chatted with her. Loves the whole wolf pack.
  • Lucy - I can't remember your user name or if I chatted with you before.
  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt or Dee - She was the first person I talked to when I joined the wikia, she loves Lana Del Rey and some people, check out her tumblr and twitter, and follow her if you have either a twitter or tumblr, was one of the first "Team Taycob" users
  • Alicehale.jasper or Alice - Her online Jasper is Nerming. Her real name is Alice. She's on tumblr a lot. She likes country music.
  • Jashan -
  • User:Savannah Star or Savannah was Love and Lust - I first chatted with her one weekend last year, when she told some users includeing myself that she was endgaged and getting married to the man of her dreams: Nate. Her and Nate have one daughter.
  • JasperandDamonhottestvamps or Nerming - What to say about her? Loves Lord Of Rings.

About my avatars

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So I joined the wikia, when the pictures for Breaking Dawn Part 1 was coming out, so it first I had Jacob as my avatar, but then I changed it to Bella, then it was a couple mouths after I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1. I was on google and looked up pictures of Jella and Taysten, so then became my avatars.... So then I was on youtube and the night before I was in bed and my dad was watching American Idol and I heard a country girl and her was Skylar Laine so I quickly became in love with her and her voice, then one night when I was waiting for my dad to come home, he put American Idol on and I heard a singer that I liked and her name was Hollie Cavanagh and she was singing Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" and the some thing happened with Skylar that happened with Hollie. Again one night I was trying to fell asleep and I heared a singer that again I thought was a very soulful singer and that girl was singing "Dance With Father" and that's girl's name is Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez.
Books I've Read
  • The Host
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Outsiders
  • Of Mice And Men
  • Thr1dteen R3asons Why
  • A Day No Pigs Would Die
  • Vampire Acamdey
  • Twilight
  • The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner

Facts about me

10 Random Twilight Facts About Me

  1. I only saw the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 1. And I still have the jacket and the shirt I wore to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 on 11/18/11.
  2. I have all of the twilight movies (two copies of Breaking Dawn Part 2)
  3. I have a Twilight card game and a scene it game
  4. I have a book on Taylor Lautner and The Short Second Life
  5. I have about 6 or 9 Twilight posters in my room
  6. One of my friends met the person who plays Carlisle
  7. I have Rosalie's cullen crest necklace that I don't wore because the cullen crest comes off and I have a Edward and Jacob necklace and a Team Jacob bracklet and a Jacob blacket that I sleep with every night
  8. I try to listen to the Twilight soundtracks on Spotify
  9. I have Nikki's and Mia's albums on my iPhone
  10. I have a binder for Twilight and The Hunger Games

Random Facts About Me

  1. Jessica Sanchez said my name on her UStream on Fed,22, 2013
  2. Skylar Laine RT'ed me and tweeted me one time.
  3. Hollie Cavanagh faved three of my tweets and she tweeted me on Fed 15 2013 @ 4:56PM
  4. Arshad (The person that sang Girl On Fire [not Alica Keys' one] that should've been on The Hunger Games soundtrack) tweeted me on Fed 6,2013 @ 10:20PM)
  5. Neil Perry, Army Wives and Edgens Edge follow me on twitter.

Ending Credits

Well, I guess untill next time....


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