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About me

Hey Twi-Hards (just like me),

All about me

Name: Robin Samantha Breeze

Nickname: Robin,Samm

Birthday: March 1 1991

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Team: Vampires and Wolves

Likes/Loves: TWILIGHT SAGA,Rain,Dark Clouds,Windy,Friends,funny people,K-pop,Rock n' Roll songs

Dislikes/Hate: NERDS,OA-overeacting,boring,soothing songs(except for twilight prom song),GOTHS


movies: TWILIGHT FOREVER!!!!!!,japanese horror movies,some american horror movies,comedy

TV shows: iCarly,MYX,TEENICK,etc.

Food: Chicken,Spagghetti,etc

Color: Red,Grey,black,blue,white,silver,green,yellow

Actor and Actress: Cullens Cast,Bryce Dallas Howard,Xavier Samuel,Wolves Cast(except for Sam and Paul)

Songs:Paramore's,Kpop and RNR songz


Hello Everyone!!!!!!


I love this site,its awesome

I hope all of us TWI-HARDS can be friends here,nice to meet you all,

Stephenie Meyer is the greatest author on earth,am i right?

Visit my page always,


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