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I am a young teen who is biracial (black & white). People don't know how much I love twilight, only family and close friends. It all started in 6th grade when the movie came out. Me and my favorite aunt decided to watch the movie one night, and ever since, each year the week or so it came out, a new twilight movie, we would go see it.  My birthday is in november, the same month the movies came out! I have: all the twilight movies, all the twilight books, 2 movie companion books, 2 twilight limited hair products, the twilight breaking dawn pt.2 soda cup and ticket, all twilight movie posters, breaking dawn part 1&2 tickets, breaking dawn part 2 premiere cup, new moon cup,  jacob wooden bracelets, 2 jacob pillow cases, jacob blanket, bella inspired bed, 6 breaking dawn pins, jacob bag clip, jacob sweetheart candy box, 2013 twilight calendar, jacob water bottle, 2 jacob key chains, jacob shirt, breaking dawn part 2 lanyard, I have bella's lullaby sheet music, over 4,000 twilight Pins on Pintrest, the complete illustrated book, music from the twilight saga cd from the city of prague orchestra, breaking dawn part 2 lanyard , twiight headphones, Bella Swan's wedding hair piece, Breaking Dawn Part 1 Cut out, new moon diary, twilight saga journal, Twilight and Breaking Dawn part 1 illustrated companion, and twilight magazine. I love listening to the twilight music. My future purchases are: Bella's real comforter, twilight scene it, if i get a kindle fire a cover with team jacob or twilight montage, and some beaded bookmarks. I am a Jacob fan but also Edward I just don't express it as much. I love Edward's romance and love and he is just that boyfriend/husband you always wanted and Jacob is that cute nerdy dork best friend you want to hug and be with forever as well. Well that's me. 
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Bella, Edward, Jacob forever
Jacob Forever

My Hubby:)

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