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My name is lisa. i am 16 years old. I live in ireland. I am absolutely in love all the twilight saga. i have read the books around 50 times each. My mom thinks if i don't stop reading the books that a vampire will track me down and turn me into one of their own.


i am 5'4" and i am of average weight. I have short mahogany brown hair. i have chocolate brown eyes with specks of green in them. I am very pale. My mom thinks i am vampire because I am so pale and i don't eat that much. I like wearing blue, grey, white and black clothes because it bring out my paleness and it makes me look like a Cullen which i love.


I have one sister her name is Amanda. she annoys the hell of me. i just want to kill her sometimes. but i love her all the same. it's a love hate relationship. it kinda like edward and alice relationship as siblings. My mom name is kathleen. she is the best mom in the world. i love her to pieces because she is always there when sometimes is wrong and when my sister and I have a fight she calms us down. My dad's name is john. he doesn't live with us because my mom and him are separated for the past three years. he lives in seattle, washington. I only get to see him at christmas and the summer but I don't mind it. I am very close to my dad because when I am over where he lives he brings me everywhere around seattle. last summer when they were filming twilight he brought me down to the set because he works on movies as one of crew. i got to meet robert pattinson, kristen stewart but i was more excited to meet ashley greene because alice is like my most favorite characters in the whole of the twilight series.


My favorite female characters are Bella and Alice because i am kinda like them in some way, like Bella i can be very clumsy and awkward and unselfish and i don't like been dressed in clothes that i don't feel comfortable in. And I am very stubborn. Like Alice i can be very bubbly and very hyper and sometimes very optimistic and i can be very annoying. My favorite male characters are Edward and Jacob because they are both extremely hot. The real reason I love them both is because they both love Bella very much and will do anything to protect her even though Edward and Jacob both hate each other profusely. The reason why I like Edward is because sometime he can be very romantic towards Bella because when they were going on their honeymoon he didn't tell her where they were going I find that very romantic. The reason I like Jacob is because he is very flirtatious towards Bella but has to keep it down because she loves Edward more than she does Jacob. Which I find very upsetting for Jacob because he loves Bella so much that he ran away from her leaving her more anxious and upset about getting married.

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