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July 23, 2010
  • I live in New York
  • I was born on January 12
  • My occupation is Actress and Writer in Training
  • I am Female

I <3 Riley!!!!!!

About me

I absolutely LOVE the twilight series. Team Edward baby!!! Edward is my dream guyy:) I'm kind of jealous of Bella, but besides Jasper and Alice, they are the cuttest couple in the Twilight Series. All though I'm team Edward, I do think Jacob is HOT!!!! Taylor Lautner has the sexiest body i have ever seen!!!!!!!! i have a crush on most of the guys in the Twilight Series. Tee hee:) Twilight 4ever!

i looooove reading and writing. i've written at least a dozen books that i hope someday will be published. and i lost count of how
Benjamin-547723 429619517081280 308588573 n

Move over, Riley. There's a new vampire in my life and his name is Benjamin!

many books i have in my room. I'm currently reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. it's really good:) Its about time someone combined romance and science fiction into something everyone actually wants to read. the book i've been recently working on is called Suckers. I think it could be a hit but thats coming from me. and i really hope Steph doesn't quite midnight sun cuz she's inspired me alot and that would be a suicide mission to us Twilighters.

i love everything from music to art to just living life. My Motto: Life.Love.Happiness. I believe those three words can get you anywhere. I've seen some of the profiles and i agree. i do want the world to be a better place. My goals for the future: Sucessful Actress or Astounding Author. My hopes are still very high:)


I love the hotties from Twilight! i can't get enough of 'em. Here is my hots and nots lists of the guys and gals of the Twilight world....and other favorite things.


1.) Edward- DUHH!!!!!

2.) Jacob

3.) Riley- he's so freaking HOT when he's mad:)

4.) Benjamin- ok guys, i think i'm in love for real this time

5.) Jasper

6.) Emmett

7.) Carlisle- pretty sexy for a vampire doctor (Teehee;)

8.) Alec

9.) Demetri

10.) Embry- i wish he would imprint on ME!

11.) Quil


1.) Alice

2.) Bella- l love her but she WHINES 2 much!

3.) Rosalie

4.) Esme

5.) Renesmee- she's ah-DORABLE!

6.) Bree

7.) Victoria

8.) Jane- she's cool but her power FRIGHTENS me.

Books, Movies, and TV Shows:

1.) Eclipse- Riley comes in the picture:)

2.) Twilight- Edward and Bella meet for the first time (awwww)

3.) Breaking Dawn

4.) Midnight Sun

5.) Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
TrueBlood Poster

6.) New Moon- Edward almost DIES!!!!

7.) The Vampire Diaries

8.) The Host- one of Steph's best books and my fav.

9.) Supernatural

10.) True Blood- no offense but this show beats Twilight in the SEXY department:)

11.) Teen Wolf

12.) The Secret Circle


Stephenie has inspired me ALOT. so i decided to create my own characters for the Twilight world. i've posted them as comments but i wanted to post them on my homepage. I think they're really cool characters. Hope you like:)

  • Cassandra Westchester- Cassie for short. She's 17 and lived with her mom in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. Her father had died in plane crash when she was only six years old. Her mother had slipped into a deep deppression and became a drunk after the crash. Cassie and her mother don't interact as much as they used to and Cassie fends for herself now. Her mom is almost never around when Cassie needs her. Cassie has light brown hair and green eyes. She's tall for her age had sun-kissed skin despite living in the Northeast. In high school she wasn't popular but she had friends. Her friends were important to her. Because her mother wasn't there for her, her friends were. As a human, Cassie was very good at persuading people and getting others to listen to her. Her statements were truely inspiration. Her teachers urged her numerous times on joining the Debate Team and wanted her to be a motivational speaker. But Cassie loved to dance. She was the best in her dance class. She hoped of getting a scholarship to a performing arts college in New York City.

One night Cassie was walking home from her hip hop dance session. It was late and not very many people were out at that time. Cassie began to sense the feeling that someone was following her. She heard foot steps and heavy breathing but everytime she turned around, no one would be there. Then a man the size of a wieght trainer appeared out the darkness. She couldn't see his face, just his shape. Cassie ignored him, trying not to panic. After about 3 minutes, he was within arms length of her. She started to run. He laughed and grabbed her, pulling her by the hair, off the sidewalk and into an alley. She screamed and thrashed but he did not let go. She punched and kicked him. He grew angry. He raped and beat her in the alley. He smashed her face into the brick wall and punched her numorous times. Cassie took the assault, there was nothing she could do. When the man was through, he bent down and kissed Cassie on the forehead. She layed on the ground, in pain. She could feel her nose and several ribs broken. Blood trickleing down her face. She cried out but no one heard. Suddenly a creature walked by the alley, stopping once he saw Cassie. She thinks its the same man so she starts screaming. Once in the alley, he picked her up effortlessly and began running. Atop buildings and through highways. Away from anyone or anything that could spot them. Cassie was terrified; she didn't want to be beaten up again and she had no idea where she was going. The man kept running. It felt like Cassie was flying. The wind slapped against her wounds and bare skin. It seemed like forever until he set Cassie down but held her firmly. She heard animals scurry and she smelled damp, wet grass. She'd been abducted. She cried for help and begged for him to let her go. The man's face was a mystery. It blended in with the night. The only thing that could be seen was his glowing red eyes and gleaming smile. His blood-red irises were sincere. He apologized for the agressive move. He had smelled her blood and could not resist a little. She had no idea what he was talking about. His voice was mesmorizing. Suddenly, excrutiating pain involuntarily shot from her neck. It felt like a chainsaw covered in acid. She couldn't even hear herself think over her screams. The hunter began to grow full and couldn't finish Cassie. He threw Cassie on the ground like trash. He bent down close to her ear and whispered "Y'ou'll thank me later for this." Then he turned away and ran. She called out for him, or for anyone, that could help her. She screamed and cried, the pain hurt like hell. She screamed and screamed hoping for someone to hear her. But soon gave up and fell into unconscious.

Cassie woke up in bed in a new home, confused and daze. She then recalled the horrible night before and started screaming and crying again. She felt different, vigoriously different. She looked at her hands. Her tan was gone. She spotted her reflection in a mirror across the room. She was pale and her emerald eyes were replaced with familiar red ones. A man slowly walked into the room. Very pale, blonde, with golden eyes. Cassie nearly ran for the door. He stopped her by explaining to her what happened. He said he and his family had heard Cassie screaming from his home a couple miles away. He went searching for her, found her, and took her to his home. He apologized, for he hadn't found her before the venom had completely spread. She asked where she was. He replied a town called Forks, Wasington. He said it was a safer environment for thier kind to live in.

Cassie was a vampire now and Carlisle and his family taught her the proper ways of being them. Word had gotten back to Pennsylvania that Cassie had been kidnapped and taken to Spain. When Cassandra's mother heard, she killed herself, hoping to rejoin her and her father. Cassie was not sorry for her mother just disappointed in her.

Along the way, Cassie discovered she has a gift. She could control both humans and vampires. Mentally and physically. Tactile Hypnosis. The way her talent works is upon physical contact, Cassie and her victim develope a strong bond towards each other. Once the bond is strong enough, the victim has no free will, so they cannot resist Cassie's commands. She can either speak her commands to the person or feed them into their mind, mentally. She has tried to control without physical contact but the bond is not as strong, so it may or may not work. Cassie is an amazing and unique creature. she is a valid member of the Olympic Coven.

  • Joshua Dunken- Josh is 18 and lives with his mother,father, and little sister in Illinois. He has dark, dark brown hair and intense baby blue eyes. He's mildly muscular and very good-looking for a young man. In high school, Josh was Mr. Popular. He got all the girls and he had a ton of friends. He was captain of the basketball and QB for the football team. Even though Josh's life seemed perfect, Josh wasn't. He became a drug addict the begining of his junior year. He has almost died from deadly overdoses. He has been in and out of institutions and rehab. He takes pills to soothe his addiction, but they just don't seem to be working now a days.

One night after a big game, Josh and his girlfriend went to go makeout behind the bleachers. Then suddenly flew a flash of black and there stood a unbelievably beautiful woman with gleaming red eyes and chocolate brown locks. She smiled wickedly at the couple, her grin shimmering and the moonlight bouncing off of her chalky white skin. Josh's girlfriend ran as soon as she saw the creature. The vampire let her go, she favored Josh. He screamed as she bit him, horribly amazed at the pain that was surging through him. But she stopped. She wanted to keep Josh as a soul mate. Josh continued to shriek in agony as the venom spread.

Josh, now a vampire, traveled the world with his "soul mate", Elena. Italy, Brazil, Spain, China, Russia. As much as Elena loved Josh, Josh just couldn't fall in love with Elena. There was no chemistry between them and no spark that made her lovable to Josh. He continued to faslely love her. At one point, Elena noticed Josh's lack of interest in her and forced him to love her. She threatened him by stating that she would find him and kill him if he ever left her. Elena kept Josh captive in her heart. One day Josh had had enough of Elena and her trickery. He decided to sneak out on her. He wasn't afraid of Elena, he would take care of himself if she ever found him again. After Josh left his creator, he was lonley for a long time. He had stumbled back into the U.S. but he had no clue on where he was. He mostly roamed as a nomad. He tried to ignore his thirst; killing seemed wrong to him, even if he was a vampire. The thirst was unbearable and Josh gave up. One afternoon, He loured a small girl away from a playground and drained her. Disgusted with himself, he ran away from civilization. He had crossed into a forest. He was more alone then ever. Josh sat on the cold ground and began to weep. It felt weird, but he did. He cried until someone had tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up and was caught off gaurd. She smiled as he stared, her honey-gold eyes sparkling and her light brown hair flowing in the steady breeze. She was no doubt, the most beautiful person in Josh's eyes. Even more beautiful than Elena. She said she was hunting when she heard him crying. She asked if he was ok. Josh stammered and stuttered. She laughed, high-pitched and heavenly. Josh's heart ached at the sound of her giggle. She said her name was Cassandra. Seeing how desperate and scared Josh looked, Cassie took his hand. He trusted her. She said there was a caring and generous place, a safe home for their kind. They'd well-come him. And they did; the Olympic Coven took Josh in with open arms. For saving him from himself and showing him a better way of life, Josh loved Cassie unconditionally. She loved him too. They both enjoyed forever together as vampires.


"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."
―Edward Cullen
When I first experienced Twilight, I have to admit I saw the movie before I read the book. And people ususally
Twilight Illustrated Companion
say you need to read the book before the movie. The movie made me want to go out and by the book. Do you want to know the what the funny thing is? When I was 10 I was in the fourth grade and honestly reading bored me. I hated it. But my best friend loved reading. And one day she was carrying around a book and I asked her what is was. She told me it was a book called Twilight. Of course i said it looked boring. She told me it was about a girl who was in love with a vampire. She told me more but I tuned her out. The only thing I remember is that the book about vampires. Three years later and I love reading. One day I see a trailer about the new movie Twilight. I'm all excited. But I still remember when I was 10. But any way I love Twilight. I can't get enough of it. And I don't want it to end. The book was great, the movie was better.

New Moon

"I know you're unhappy alot. And, maybe it doesn't help anything, but I wanted you to know that I'm always here. I won't ever let you down. I promise you that you can always count on me."
―Jacob Black
When New Moon came out, that was the point were the whole Team Edward, Team Jacob thing got started. Wh
en I saw the movie I loved it. I liked both characters and thought they were hot. i didn't want to choose. But in the end I'm Team Edward. But I still love Jacob. My dad went with us to go see New Moon. And he was lost. He didn't get it at all. He thought it was kind of stupid, especially the cliffhanger at the end.. But my dad wasn't with us when we went to see Twilight. He's in the Air Force and he had an assignment some where. So he saw New Moon with out seeing Twilight. It was funny because after we saw it, my dad called Edward a "Sadass mother f**** " because Edward's expression is always sad and he cares about Bella too much. I was laughing my butt off. It was hilarious.


"The outside world holds no interest for me without you."
―Edward Cullen
Eclipse was my favorite book in the entire series. I was soo happy when the movie came out. The movie is my fav
orite too. When they introduced Riley I fell in love. HE'S HOT!!! There is honestly no ther way to say it. My dad thought the plot was alot better then New Moon. That's his way of saying he liked the movie. my mom loved it too. She's Team Edward like me and she was really hoping that Bella chose Edward which she did. She was kind of bummed that Bella kissed Jacob at the end but I kind of liked it. Jacob deserved that much. We can't wait for Breaking Dawn!!

Breaking Dawn: Part I

"It's an extraordinary thing to meet someone you can bare your soul to, who will accept you for what you are. I've been waiting for what it seems like a very long time to get beyond what I am, and with Bella, I feel like I can finally begin."
―Edward Cullen
I saw Breaking Dawn and, of course, i luved it! i was really happy when Bella and Edward got m
Breaking dawn movie poster
arried. it's like finally! one of my favorite parts was when Charlie was making a toast and he was talking about being able to hunt people down and using a gun. LOL:) And when they went to Esme Isle and Bella kept getting Edward to sleep with her waz hilarious 2. i was just like stop trying to fight it, you know you want to. all the scenes with the wolves was really cool. the part when they were all reading each others minds and Jacob was telling Sam off, my dad was pissed when Jacob left. he wanted him to beat Sam up then leave. i gotta stop taking my dad to the Twilight movies:) when Bella became pregnant, my mom was giong CRAZY in the movie theatre. she's like if Bella's human and Edward's a vampire, then what is that thing! the part where Bella's going into labor was disgusting. i knew they were going to show the labor part but i didn't know it was going to be that detailed. Edward chewing through her stomach was one of my LEAST favorite parts. but i liked the fight in the end and when Jacob imprints on Renesmee. the part were Bella opens her eyes and there red was freaky, but awesome. my mom didn't was Bella to become a vampire, but i sorta did. we can't wait for BD II. my mom's already marking a date:)

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

It was cool to see what was going on inside of the Seattle Newborn Army. I really liked the book. I was so happy my mom bought it for me. Bree seems like a cool person. I was sooo mad when Riley and Victoria killed Diego. But happier w
The Short Life of Bree Tanner Cover
hen Fred was willing to look after Bree. His talent looks awesome and gross at the same time. I wished Bree would have stayed with the Olympic Coven. I'd like to see what would happen to her and how her life would change. But in the end Felix killed her. My mom was pissed and sad that killed Felix her when we went to see Eclipse. It seemed like she wanted to kill Felix. It was kind of funny. I hope they make the book into a movie. Alot of people would go see it including me.

Midnight Sun

I'm really hoping Stephenie finishes it. Me and alot of fans are still waiting. I read the partial draft on her we
bsite and I really like it so far. When I told my mom that someone illegaly put it on the Internet, she was as pissed as Stephenie was. And thanks alot to the creep who put it on the Internet without her permission. You just ruined a good book and I hope you see this because now the whole world hates you for what you've done.

My favorite pages

  • Edward Cullen
    061610 xavier

    DAAYYUUUMMM!!!!! Xavier is SEXY!

  • Bella Swan
  • Jacob Black
  • Renesmee Cullen
  • Alice Cullen
  • Jasper Hale
  • Emmet Cullen
  • Rosalie Hale
  • Carlisle Cullen
  • Esme Cullen
  • Olympic Coven
  • Denali Coven
  • Amazon Coven
  • Benjamin
  • Eleazar
    Team edward

    Team Edward all the way!!!!!!

  • Zafrina
  • Tanya
  • ...And last but not least RILEY BIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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