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About Me

Hey guys I'm Nicole and I'm obsessed with The Twilight Saga!!! I'm 15 years-old and I know pretty much everything about Twilight. I have all the books and I read them about 1 million times (I like to read). But I don't have "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" YET. But I did read it and it's really a good book but it made me kinda cry bec
ause I think it's sad.
Oh but anyway I've just seen Eclipse and it didn't disappoint me just like Twilight and New Moon it was an AWESOME movie. Of course I'm TEAM EDWARD because vampires are much cooler than werewolves. But there are other characters that I love like Alec (I like him alot), Jane (even though I h
ate her), Diego (he just had to die), Emmett (he makes me laugh), Jacob, Alice, and Fred. I'm loyal to the Romanian Coven because I beleive that the Volturi should be destroyed. I hate them so much but I have to admit they're awesome. When I'm not reading or obsessing over Twilight I play the piano and I listen to music. But I would rather read and obsess over Twilight XD.

My Fav Pages



Vampire Laws

Riley Biers

Bree Tanner

My Fav Quotes from the Twilight Saga Books


  • "Who are they?" Bella on the Cullens
  • "That's Edward and Emmett Cullen, and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. The one who left was Alice Cullen; they all live together with Dr. Cullen and his wife." Jessica to Bella
  • " They're all together though — Emmett and Rosalie, and Jasper and Alice, I mean. And they live together." Jessica on the Cullens
  • "That's Edward. He's gorgeous, of course, but don't waste your time. He doesn't date. Apparently none of the girls here are good-looking enough for him." Jessica on Edward
  • " So, did you stab Edward Cullen with a pencil or what? I've never seen him act like that". Mike to Bella
  • "Edward Cullen is staring at you." Jessica to Bella
  • "Hello. My name is Edward Cullen, I didn't have a chance to introduce myself last week. You must be Bella Swan." Edward to Bella
  • "Hasn't anyone told you? Life isn't fair." Bella to Edward
  • "How in the...How did you get over here so fast?" Bella to Edward
  • "It's all about who you know, but don't worry, I came to spring you." Edward to Bella
  • "All I know is that you weren't anywhere near me — Tyler didn't see you,either, so don't tell me I hit my head too hard. That van was going to crush us both — and it didn't, and you hands left dents in the side of it — and you left a dent in the other car, and you're not hurt at all — and the van should have smashed my legs, but you were holding it up..." Bella to Edward
  • "In that case...I hope you enjoy disappointment." Edward to Bella
  • "It's better if we're not friends, trust me." Edward to Bella
  • "It's to bad you didn't figure that out earlier. You could have saved yourself all this regret." Bella to Edward
  • "So you are trying to irriate me to death? Since Tyler's van didn't do the job?" Bella to Edward

New Moon

  • "They send you out for one and you come back with two...and a half. Nice work." Alec to Jane


Breaking Dawn-

Pics of my Fav characters

  • Alec & Jane. A.K.A "The Witch Twins"
  • Emmett Cullen. He's so funny in the movies and books.
  • Alice Cullen. Another favorite character
  • Of course you have to pick a side "Team Jacob" or "Team Edward".

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