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"The name's pepperoni.. toni pepperoni."
―tonipepperoni (aka moi)

Introduction Edit

Hello! Feels like I'm writing a blog.. though probably nowhere near as interesting as it should be. I'm not gonna give a life story, as I don't know what creepers will be reading this (if anyone at all) but I'll summarise; my name's tonipepperoni, I'm halfway to thirty (probably can already tell I'm a pessimist, though I generally try not to be) and I, as you probably already gathered as I have joined this Wiki, love The Twilight Saga. Well, perhaps love is extreme; I'm not that fan-girlish to not accept and notice the saga has flaws (Bella "Mary-Sue" Swan being a prime example and her sparkalicious husband, Edward *cough emo cough* Cullen - I swear he's a masochist, though I guess he's already admitted his pain fetish tendencies). I will criticise the book series (and accompanying movies) openly and often do, but I somehow still love it, no matter how much I bash it. I see how people can dislike (and hate) the series. For example, the writing isn't the best (don't smite me, Smeyers) and the storyline is shallow and a little marmite-ish - for one, the way Stephanie portrays vampires is horrific (sparkling; really? I fail to see the science behind that.. and especially behind the impossible conception of Re-name-me, ugh), but she makes them seem so desirable, like you really want to be one of them.. *dreamy sigh*...But for me, I think the saga has an addictive quality to it (nicknamed the Meyer affect ;)) and, even as I bought Twilight to save me from the fatal Summer Holiday boredom almost three years ago, I was instantly hooked.

My Views on The Twilight Saga Edit

Though the first novel isn't (and wasn't) my favourite, I was somewhat encapsulated with the entire idea of a forbidden love, in a way (haha, how corny did that sound!) and the whole idea of human and vampires together was intriguing; though not entirely original (ahem, The Vampire Diaries, though I never quite got into that). It was Bella that really irritated me (seriously, she has the appeal and the personality of a worn cardboard box) and somewhat ruined the book for me with her constant hormonal whining.. though, ironically, New Moon was my absolute favourite, though her pre-zombie stage was agonising to read.. and not out of sympathy. Seriously, chicks like her are the modern day setbacks in Feminism.

It was the progression of Jacob's character that caused me to love New Moon so much. I immediately liked his cheery persona introduced in Twilight; and was thrilled when I discovered he dominated the second novel in the series. The natural blossoming of Bella and Jacob's relationship throughout the book was a refreshing change to the unhealthy, dangerous route of Bella and Edward's love (I seriously disliked their relationship as the series progressed.. Ironically, the very thing that drew me to the saga in the first place). Though Bella's depression was an aftertaste, I came to adore Jacob so much; he's as cute as a button; compared to the shallow pool of Bella's mind. Despite this, they compliment each other so well; I was gutted when Edward interrupted their almost-would-be-kiss near the end of New Moon *bitter glare*; though, I suppose, if he hadn't phoned when he had, we wouldn't have been introduced to the Volturi *fan-girl squeal*... oh god.

^Yeah, from that, you can already guess that I love the Volturi (almost as much as I love Jacob; Team Jacob for lyfe... but not quite, mwahahaha;)). I just think they're so badass. I was sick of all the nice guys the book consisted of (except from Rosalie, who really lost her cold touch in Breaking Dawn... *sighs*) and a corrupt vampire coven that ruled the world was a refreshing change from the good vampires.. (really?) Though I love the Cullens and Denalis, vampires that actually eat (or drink human blood, whatever floats your boat) people was refreshing (no pun intended ;)). Also, the actual characters that make up the Volturi guard are really deep and mysterious (especially the Volturi coven, Caius especially; for some reason, I think there's more to him than meets the eye... I was seriously disappointed when no human backstories was included for any of the leaders, and the wives, in the Illustrated Guide!) and others. Oh, did I mention I love Jane? (Maybe my love for her began when she tortured Edward.. (;)

Eclipse was my second-favourite novel; I enjoyed the thrilling pace it was set in that the other previous books lacked. Though I think I despised Bella here more than ever (her pathetic drivel just got on my nerves, seriously, what was she trying to prove?) and the way she treated Jacob was just appalling. However, I warmed to Edward in this book more than perhaps I should of done (and even found some of Jacob's antics immature, though fell in love with him all over again toward the end). In my opinion Bella deserves neither of them; she should have been born in an earlier century (as Jacob commented in Breaking Dawn); in a time where she could have been gobbled by lions, or just been smushed by Tyler's van and saved both of them the heartache. I was also bitter that Jacob was shunned in favour of Edward; though it was no surprise. The book, and consequently the saga, was always angled toward that direction; another grudge I always whine about. Jacob was never considered in Smeyer's mind, not once; and it was obvious in her writing through Bella (I swear this character is her alter-ego; I've also read her personal physical description of Bella, and she literally just explains herself, but thinner.. Sorry, Stephanie!) that Jacob was always destined to get the boot.

In a sub-section, I also wanted to blab about The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner; though I originally paid no attention to Bree in the final chapters of Eclipse, I quite enjoyed this little novella. I always wondered about the newborn army's time in Seattle (though their anticts are somewhat explained in Eclipse) and saw the Volturi's late intervention suspicious. My questions were answered; and I saw the expansion of Bree's character in the novella quite interesting. Though I brushed her away as a typical young newborn, I found her tale to be sympathetic and quite sad; especially with her short, ill-fated love with Diego. And, of course, the book was a nice change from Bella's drab perspective.

I won't even begin on Breaking Dawn; you can probably assume from that I absolutely loathed the final book; and you're right. It ruined everything for me; destroyed every single character I once held a candle to (even my poor Jacob, though I enjoyed his POV chapters in the midst of Bella's pregnancy with the demon child). I really wanted him to find love with Leah; for him to be with someone that would treat him better than road kill. But no, he got paired with Bella and Edward's impossible spawn, Renesmee; seriously, was she high on morphine when she decided on her name? Was Stephanie high on CRACK when she wrote the entire novel?! The book was so poorly written, too, it was embarrassing; I seriously thought it was some unofficial, bad fanfic when I read some of the plot summary online. I cannot even phrase how disappointed with Smeyer's crappy, 'happily ever after' ending, maybe I was hoping the-would-be battle would rid the world of Re-name-me and her wretched parents. Haha, I'm probably coming off as really bitter right now; maybe I'll finally accept the ending one day - just not now. I suppose the novel gave a hint to more books; something I'm always happy with. Finally, the Volturi can come back in seven years and kick the Cullen's asses like they should have done in Breaking Dawn... Though Carlisle, Alice, Emmett and Rosalie cannot die.. Or else I shall riot..

Quick Subsection and Favourite Character List Edit

As you can tell, I'm very opinionated. I'm quick to share my views on subjects I feel passionate about.. Yeah, I'm not exactly tactful and a little 'sassy'. But I'd much rather have a personality than not. I'm also a very avid feminist.. (stems to my hatred of Bella Swan, but who doesn't like her? :P) I also really haven't warmed to Edward Cullen for the same reasons. He's so controlling and possessive.. and very stalkerish. To be honest, if I found out a creepy vampire was watching me sleep, I would call the cops on their ass, not feel even more overwhelmingly attracted to them... Not that I would be in the first place. What happened to independance and taking a stand? Seriously the saga has female morals similiar to that of the 19th century.. which why I was so surprised I even liked the books!

However, I read the saga, avidly watched all the films and is buzzing for Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (argh, the tension is almost tangible! Though, I'm not too impressed with the promo shots I've seen..-.-) for other reasons than for a good romance. Other characters keep me faithful (not just Jacob, though he is the main reason I read the books... And Taylor Lautner is one of the reasons I watch the films... *drools*); they're quite a few so, instead of a in-depth anaylsis, I'll just list them:-

1. Alice. She's so bright and bubbly and sweet; she makes me smile just reading about her. Seriously, I wish someone like her would actually exist.. It would be pretty amazing to have a best friend like her:') (though mine'll have to do, haha). Her visions are also pretty epic.. If I had a supernatural ability, this would be my first choice.

2. Carlisle. I just find him to be a really amazing person; if he actually existed, I'd admire him so much. His accomplishments and dedications are impressive and his loyalty toward his conscience is so sweet. Also, he's British.. this makes him instantly awesome.

3. Emmett. I'd do anything to have a big bro like him! Instead, I got landed with a younger sister... *sighs*. He makes me laugh and just adds a witty edge to the saga for me; his good humoured nature immediately brightening a dire situation. He made book three of Breaking Dawn!

4. Rosalie. She makes this list just because she's a stark contrast to all of the Cullens; and has this cold, fiesty edge I just loved. Also, she hates Bella; I have a feeling we would get along pretty well if she existed... Her and Jacob's banter was a highlight of book two of Breaking Dawn for me. She would've owned it if it wasn't in Jacob's POV ;).

5. Leah. I love her sharp tongue and sass. I do sympathise with her (being dumped by someone you really cared about only for him to hook up with the closet person to you must've been hard) in the saga, and for that reason wish she wasn't a wolf, but I really feel the wolf pack wouldn't be the same without her. Also, she was finally the person to give Bella the tongue-lashing she deserved. Too bad she didn't add in a bitch slap.. Also, her quotes from Breaking Dawn were pretty funny ("I've come to join your crappy little regenade pack" was one of my favourites) and her and Jacob's blossoming friendship made me hopeful.. only to be crushed by Smeyer -.-. Team Blackwater forever!

6. Seth. He's just so cute and lovable.. His loyalty to Jacob's "crappy little regenade pack" made me smile. He's so friendly and sweet.. You just can't hate him! Also, just wanted to mention I love all of the wolf pack.. Sam's included ;).

7. Victoria. C'mon, she wanted to get rid of Bella! I was rooting for her in Eclipse! Too bad she failed.. miserably.. Though I'm glad she didn't succeed in killing any of the Cullens.

8. Jane. She's just so evil but so adorable all at the same time.

9. Felix and Demetri. They're just so badass and epic (like all of the Volturi ;D)... Though Felix does creep me out a little..

I also love the Denalis (I literally love all of them for different reasons.. Kate was a standout for me though. They need a team!-.-) and a few collective vampires from other covens. Benjamin was pretty cool (reminded me a little of Jacob) and his powers made me think of Avatar: The Last Airbender (it was like Smeyer's personal tribute ;D). I also quite liked Zafrina; she, to me, was a strong, powerful figure. I would've thought Nahuel was pretty sweet, but I'm currently pretending Breaking Dawn never happened, so he cannot exist.. :P.

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