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  • I live in Somewhere in Europe, I would actually laugh if you can guess.
  • My occupation is wolf pack lover, and obsess-or. Just spreading the wolf pack love.
  • I am a weird girl who is proud, i dont care what people think and i dont give a flying monkeys poo if people think im weird. Deal with it ;)
Carlie aka ILSM
Biographical information

1ST May


Never will be a vampire, team wolf pack :P


Still alive and kicking

Physical description

Human/awesomeness unknown species.




About taller than average.

Hair color

Fairly long, brown and naturally curly but I straighten it.

Eye color


Skin color

Olive toned.

Family information
Family members
  • The wolf pack
  • Twilight wiki family
  • Quileute family
  • And real family.
Magical characteristics

The ability to be cool and nerdy to the max....and the ability to wear glasses but remain awesome. And to make typos.......alot

Special abilities

Very special.


No job yet, still in school.


Wolf pack (both black and Uley pack) To my twilight wiki crew my fam and to my friends (And to ma nerd buddies, you know who you are)


My name is Carlie. I live on A little island that no one has heard of with my; mum, dad, brother, grandad, uncle etc... I am a rock chick with glasses, yeah i own, anyway i am also kind of a farm girl. My mum comes from ireland, ardcath a little farm villige in ireland which i love to pieces. My second home as i like to call it, my nana owns a farm there and i love it to pieces. So i grew up with country music and irish folk and i love them too as much as i love my rock music. :O

Who i love in twilight and all that.

Well if you have talked to me on chat or even read my blogs i would like to think by now you all now i am a MASSIVE fan of the wolf pack. THEY ARE YUMMY and are the most interesting characters in the book. All of the wolf pack are hot and none of them fail my expectations :) If you have read some more of my profile you may of found out my now i am not girly WHAT SO EVER and im not one to squel and get excited over boys SO WHAT HAVE THE WOLF PACK DONE TO ME? everytime i see one of them it's instint squel or shreak. I cant help it its a hard habit to break. (yh i quoted def leppard, so ;) ) anyway i love them and i have an obsession with them NO JOKE. But all you jacob lovers can have jacob i dont want him I find him to be my least favorite pack member. I actually start giggling when i see them is that sad? NO I DONT CARE I LOVE THEM :')

Im not lying now seriously look at them ESPECIALLY PAUL OMFG :o

LOOK AT THEM----------------------------------------> Aren't they just adorable

I was very disapointed Breaking Dawn Part 1 where Brady and Collin weren't even mentioned THAT WAS AN OUTRAGE! They better be mentioned or ackowledged in Part 2 otherwise it won't be pretty. . Anyway like i said dont worry taycob jake is still yours, but anyway my point is you may obsess over edward or jacob i obsess over the rest of the wolf pack.

The wolf pack....yep you guessed it i love them.... The wolf pack...where do i even begin. Well my obsession for them began when i read and watched new moon. Thats right i was obsessed with them before the film aswell. And when the names of the actors who were going to be playing them were released i we head over heals in love. And then came the film new moon. I was so exceited and was not let down. And here are the reasons i am in love with every one of them ;)

  • Embry- Embry is funny, kind, big hearted and is really cute. He is always there for his friends and is very loyal. He makes everyone smile and is protective when needed. You see edward no need to be controlling all the time....Embry is sweet, and in BD-1 I nearly died when they were talking about imprinting, why can't Embry be cut a little of slack, or SM at least let him tell his mum what he is.
  • Sam -Sam is one cool dude and in the films lets admit it his voice is awesome. I love his personalitly he is a joker when he wants and he is serious when needed. He takes his role as alpha very seriously and would take death for one of his brothers. He has had to grow up fast with his father being his father and Sam is too nice, lovely and has such a bubbly personality. And every day he feels guilt for what happened with leah and emily. Sam is just too nice to hate.
  • Quil-This dude right here is awesome. And Tyson Houseman is the best actor out there to play him. He is cute, fun and a really cool dude. I wouldnt mind being friends with him, he is soooo loyal to his pack especially to embry and jake. He imprints on Claire but i see that as cute. I would love my big bro to be Quil. Who wouldnt? He is the best big bro ever. I feel sorry for the harsh comments made about him and his imprint as IT'S NOT SOMETHING HE CAN CONTROL BELLA. you stick you leech nose out of wolf pack buisness and keep it in the damn blood suckers.
  • Paul-He's funny and agressive, I reckon if him and Emmett got to know each other it'd be a match made in heaven. Everyone is like he has anger issues. well i have temper problems so i can relate to him. Paul is funny and hates bella. So team paul Bi*ches. Paul is loyal to his brothers and would do anything for them. I didnt like him imprinting but he did, damn stephanie meyer. He loves rachel and treats her like a godess. Love paul, paul wouldn't hesitate to hurt people who are a danger which is why i love him.
  • Jared. Where do I start. Jared has to have the best personality ever. As the others he is loyal, very funny. Hell yeah this chick runs with vampires, i run with the wolves. Jared is damn funny but serious when it comes to pack buisness and duty. Jared has imprinted on Kim which i am quite happy about because she deserves love and he deserves to be loved. Still im not to happy that he imprinted but at least he is happy.And also he is dang cute, plus I love Bronsons' Dimples!!
  • Seth-Awwww seth love him to pieces. He is kind, sweet, caring, protective, loyal, sweet and the list go on of all the nice things he is. And for once i agree with Eddykins he has nice thoughts and intentions. He loves Leah and is very protective over her as he knows she has been hurt before. Although he now knows the reason behind it he is still protective. He is friends with the blood suckers but thats because he sees the best in people he cant help it. He can also be quite annoying with his niceness but that's not a bad thing.
  • Leah-love leah to pieces. She has been threw so much and people still diss her. But they have never been threw the emotional damage she has. She has to live with seeing the man who broke her heart every single day. She is soo cool and she owns. no other way to it, also her hair rocks. Girls has some goods.
  • collin&Brady- I know we dont know who plays them or do we know much about them from the book. But i still love collin and brady like hell. I cant wait till breaking dawn to see who plays them. Collin is nice, funny and still very new to the whol wolf thing as if brady. Brady and Collin are the youngest of the pack and nearer my age at thirteen. So fingers crossed to see who plays them is hot hot hot.
  • Jacob, cant say i think as highly of Jacob as i do the rest of the pack, but jake is really sweet. He is kind and adorable, he loves bella and he will be the best partner to nessie. I think it's cute at how much he loves bella and what he would have done to be with her. Jacob is again loyal and big hearted. I only wish the leech with the middle name carlie treats him right. He deserves the best.
  • ==My avatars, and why I pick what I do==

Okay so Basically I only pick Quileute actors or the characters, because that's the way it should be for me. So frpm Tyson to Tinsel, Chakse to Kiowa. And Julia is a big avatar hogger but her pictures are just so flawless. And there you have it, the reason behind my avatars.

  • Awww quil <3 xxxx
  • Love this mans voice aha
  • fittie xxooxxxo
  • love the tattoos quite personally.
  • If i can admit it so can you, he is hot
  • If you are looking at this without drooling. then something's wrong
  • LOVE JARED. aha he is smexy
  • Love leah and she looks really cool here. Showing off her tattoo bad ass.
  • Awww isnt he cute in eclipse and then all the sudden in breaking dawn this man is dang sexy
  • Sorry i'll try and sequel quieter i cant help it, jkdbfkbl
  • I have this poster on my wall right now, and i love it
  • This photo is cool, i just love it
  • dont they just look adorable <3
  • Actually love this pic, reat one of seth REOW
  • How awesome is this photo? The answer is very, it's one of my favorite screen shots from all of the movies.
  • This scene (obviously one of my favs in the film.) i felt like crying, I just feel so sorry for them :'(
  • Love this photo, Seth :)
  • Love this photo, Brady and Collin on the very right there ;)

My top ten favourtie characters from the twilight saga series book/film

So we all have favourited and here are mine in order kind of, i cant really say i have a favourite because the wolf pack is my fav so hm.......... lets just see how this goes.............In no peticular order.....

  1. All the Quileutes fit into my number one sot and also I want you guys to know about my fave vampires, yes I do like some. Emily, Billy, Sue and Harry are counted in the number 1 spot so you get the point.
  2. Kate, Tanya, Irina, Carmen and Eleazar okay so the Denali fit into my number 2 slot because I really can't pick favorites betweent them. You see I tend to get along with men better than woman so me and Eleazar would be buddies. We'd play video games, talk about sh*t together and play jokes on the girls. Tanya would try and dress me girlier, and me and Kate would do random things together. Carmen's nice and urgh I could do anything with her and Irina..although she was killed, she's one badass and I do feel sorry for her..damn Bella. They're all really nice, even towards Bella after what happened with Laurent. I would have kicked her ass.
  3. Romanian Coven I love Vlad and Stefan (and the actors playing them, but that's the same with all of them...anyway let me carry on) They're violent and vicious...I like that. The talk about gouging the Volturi's eyes out...I like that too. Really they should be ruling the vampire world and then they'd stop the vendetta against the Volturi because they'd be dead. And the Volturi killed both Stefan and Vlad's mates...Now I feel sorry for them.
  4. Amazon Coven Ohh it seems I'm doing more Coven thing but that's only because I can't pick betweent those in the covens but they're in the same place on the list. Well do I really have to explain myself, it's the Amazong coven. They're fierce, indivisual, fierce, clever and all gorgeous. They show us we really do not need men to survive, and who says they want men anyway?
  5. Esme and Carlisle Okay I don't like the Olympic coven too much but these two are too nice to hate, I mean Esme, as much as Leah tries not to, she does deep DEEP inside.
  6. Garret Although he's eventually part of the Denali coven he's still kind of indivisual...anyways he has a voice, without talent but he has a voice. He put up a good argument with the Volturi and he's with kate *awww* He's adventerous, and curious like myself. And he believes in freedom of speech and free will. For a vampire and not a vegetarian at first he's very civil. He's also brave always taking Kates electric shocks but holding her back from attacking the Volturi because he loves her *AAAAAAAAW*And I love Lee Pace <3
  7. Irish Coven. They're irish and I have to respect my own people right? Maggie's a little cutie, and Siobhan is just so nice and curious still about the vampire world. The two girls have gifts that do intrigue me, to tell if someone's lying and to change the outcome of things. I think they're wonderful gifts. Liam kind of takes a back seat in everything and a bit un social but hey ho.
  8. Benjamin and Tia I would have added the other two members of the coven but I don't perticularly like them that much. I do find it weird how they're related, but very distantly so I don't pay to much attention to it. Bejamin is very outgoing and the speaker by miles. He has an awesome gift and girl. Tia's nice and polite also I love both actors. I do wish though they had stuck to the age they were in the book.
  9. Charlie Aww Charlie's speech at the wedding, I love the rivalry betweent him and Billy. Their best friends and by far have the best bromance in the entire saga. He has a moustache so he gets my vote, he's gently a bit confused by everything, hates Edward ( well has a strong disliking to him) and that also gets my vote. He's nice and a cop....he's just awesome.
  10. Felix, Demetri- Out of the Volturi these two are my far. They're funny and when Felix flirst with bella PMSL.

Just a few pictures of the actors that I love!! (Wolf pack...obvs)

  • fluff
  • This photo is just flawless
  • This photo kills me...them eyes *dead*
  • I love this photo....helps that I have that shirt :D
  • *sexy smile* ....hey there
  • ....can't...speak....dead...
  • words
  • bow tie....
  • I love this pic...tyson/quil is just so cute!
  • ....(:
  • I don't know why, I just really like this photo.
  • hehe
  • he looks good even in a massive coat
  • what a poor duck....yeah because the duck's really what I'm looking at.
  • Just because they're too cool
  • what is Chaske doing?
  • Bronson's just too cool
  • Okay I know it's not the actors it me or is Bronson posing funny?
  • Awww his hair <33
  • N'aaw I love him
  • they're so cool, why are they always shopping together xD
  • Legit it is
  • Oh well, I'm dead
  • Ahhh I love Tyson
  • .................(:
  • He's got such cute eyes
  • N'aaaaw Tyson's the one in the middle if not obvious
  • Awww He's so funny
  • He's so......Tyson
  • I LOVE this photo...really love it
  • Oh my god
  • Okay tell me you're not can't because you are.
  • Damn I'm dead
  • ....
  • Do I really need to even say anything?
  • Damn he has good hair
  • He looks so adorable here
  • FUCK THEM EYES if he looked at me like, I'd be under his control.
  • n'awww, he's got such a nice face.
  • short hair or long hair, he looks good.
  • oofffffft, he is just gorgeous.
  • His tie...his lips......his hair..his eyes...HIM
  • aww I love this picture
  • god he;s took good looking.....kill me
  • I love this one <3333
  • Oh Bronson
  • offt
  • mmmmmmmm
  • Aww I love him
  • I really love this photo, so photo genic
  • He's way too cool, and you know it.
  • yes he has a hat, yes he looks jel? Sure you are
  • YES GLASSES I used to have similar ones.
  • Okay so I don't like the fact he has a girlfriend, they look hot together, k?
  • oooft bronson
  • Okay i LOVE THIS PHOTO, K? If you even start hating on one of them, I'll go ape shit on your ass.
  • He;s so cute, don't even argue.
  • He;s got such an adorable smile.
  • oh tyson how I love you and the glasses we share. Yes our glasses are now the same.
  • check out the muscles on him.offt yes baby
  • Aww I love this Photo
  • Julia's so pretty
  • She's so cute!
  • Now she's just flawless
  • They're so kind!
  • Tinsel's so pretty
  • So stunning
  • So pretty
  • Okay guilty it's not the actors but how cute!!
  • Aww I just love this photo
  • Yummm
  • From one of my favorite photo shoots!!
  • awww
  • I love this photo
  • She looks extremely hot in this photo....just saying
  • fuck she looks fierce
  • Just because she looked incredible that night!
  • god she's gorgeous
  • I love Tinsel's smile
  • She's so stunning, it's just unbelievable
  • *dead*
  • she can be my bad guy anyday........(;
  • damn she's hot
  • Think I just jizzed in my pants :/
  • I love her hair long...
  • gosh she's so gorgeous........
  • Tinsel has such a beautiful smile :D
  • Gosh she's so fierce Team Julia ftw
  • woot
  • ohhh Tinsel
  • her eyes are so gorgeous
  • I'm actually in love with this pic
  • Her eyebrows...
  • god her teeth, god her smile she is perfection
  • it's not real fur before you ask.....well it might be..either way she looks hot
  • Tinsel please stop
  • oh my actual of my favorite pics of her yet
  • oooft Julia
  • Never saw this one......I love it
  • kill me
  • I'm actually in love with this well
  • Okay this is awesome
  • Why is she so pretty?

The teams i am on :D

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Twilight saga ratings. Books and films and over all likenes

Friends on wiki (I saw I was tagged on others users pages and thought I should do one as well, no order)

TeamJakeward1402/Jashan -My nerd buddy, she's a babe really nice and so fun to talk to. She gets me and that's awesome! She wears glasses and that's awesome enough. She's understanding, she just gets me...what more do you need? She's nice to everyone so mess with her and I'll kick your ass!

Krashley/Samara -Samara is just....amazing, awesome, cool EVERY AWESOME WORD. That bitch rocks! She's honest, she's a little weirdo like us all and I love her like a sister. She's a Krisbian and she's proud, she sticks by her opinions and defends them which is why I love her. She's not fake, nuff said.

Teamemmet -Okay she has the same opinions as me, we're both into the same bands and she's one of the only people i've met that knows all the bands that I love and she's lovely and awesome to get along with, you get along with her without difficulty. She loves Emmett and Seth, wolf pack lovers are friends not food.

LavendaBrunette/Kelly -Where do I even start? Dexter Buddy, Glasses buddy, a Denali buddy, she's a potty mouth just like me. We have completely different music taste, but we manage to see past that. Although she has convinced me to love Lady Gaga, as I never gave her music a chance but glad I did. Her life is dedicated to Gaga, and that's awesome as it is. She loves Christian Camargo, and we have that in common. She...(I'm going to puke after this) she's Team Vampire, but I love her either way and it's her opinion. Love you to hooker pieces! She's obsessed with Dexter, which is awesome because I am to. We talk about it together, she's the biggest fashion lover I've met and she's plain awesome. She lives in New York which is amazing to!

Pucktana88/Lucy -Most likely to be my best friend on the wiki, well one of them anyway, we have loads and I mean LOADS in common. She has so much love for JLS and is my scotland babe. She's my happy buddy and fanfic buddy. Although Dee got me into fanfic Lucy helps me with mine, and I trust her a lot. She's lovely, she loves Glee. Pucktanna forever babes!! She loves Paul, and that counts for someone from the wolf pack. She loves Boo Boo as do I, and she gets me like Jashan. Love her like a sister, so much!

TeamTaycobsessiveObnoxiousMoronicBlackNike%27sGirl -Don't even begin to hate on this girl because I will kick you ass, I helped her in an argument and that's when we became close. It says something doesn't it? She sends me links to videos and pics of my wolf pack to keep me going. She knows what I like and if she comes across it she sends it to me. She loves it when I saw 'dude' and that's awesome to!I love her like a sister!

DenaliLover/Volante -CUTE AS EVER! She's an amazing twilight lover and denali lover!! We need more of them, she's lovely and sweet. She's lovely and can stick up for herself. She's easy to talk to and get along with!

TeamSeth -She sticks by her opinions, she's lovely nice and Team Seth!! Could I say more to make her awesome? She's lovely, so be mean to her and your mean to everyone!

TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt/Dee -I have so much love for Dee like I do Kelly, both are awesome. She nearly knows how much I love the wolf pack. She's hard core Team Taycob and don't mess with her she's a kick ass admin now. She;s amazing, lovely, kind and the first time we talked we went chat hopping and that was simply awesome. We talk about our jerk offs together, she's in a three way marrige with me and Lucy, Lucy's page has all the details on that. She's a megga babe and like with Kelly I love her to hooker pieces. Our granddads are just awesome and she gets me. She lives in Washington which I envy and she's been to a convention and saw Tyson...I can't say how jealous I am words don't cover it.

Mrs.Volterra -Lovely person sweet, and welcoming.

CarlaCullen -Nicest thing on this wiki, I want Ashley greene to hug her! That's how much she loves Greene. Biggest Ashley/Alice lover I've EVER met!

If I've missed you out lash out at me, because you probably should be on here. And tell me if you want to be on here, or talk to be and get to know me.


I do not mean to brag but I have various tweets from twilight stars, I mean not from all the guys I want yet but I'm getting there. Because of where I live we never get conventions or the stars over here, so I treat tweets like autographs. So the fact that many of you are able to go for a drive to a convention or live in the same state even country as one of them, consider yourself lucky! But so far I have tweets from

  • Toni Trucks ( we had a conversation about her in BD and other things she'll be doing in the future, I think I got 6-7 tweets)
  • Casey LaBow ( two tweets, talking about how amazing Lee Pace is)
  • Judi Skenoi
  • Christian Camargo (But he's in tweet love with kelly, she's a boss at getting tweets from him!)
  • Andrea Gabriel
  • MyAnna Buring )My very first tweet, which makes hers a special one.)
  • Kiowa Gordon (YES HE TWEETED ME!!!! I can't tell you how much I spazzed out about that one, just killed me that's all )
  • Tinsel Korey-I nearly died, she private messaged me and I can't say I know why but I'm eternally grateful!)

And that's who I have tweets off and here's who is still on my list.

  • Mia Meastro
  • Bronson Pelletier
  • Tyson Houseman
  • Chaske Spencer
  • Julia Jones
  • I would say Boo Boo but his account is shared by his sister, so it wouldn't be him.
  • Alex Meraz

Although I'll keep at the vamps as well they're the ones I'm on a mission to get tweets from.

My life outside of twilight.


i'm pretty much what my mum calls a typical teenager, i dont like school very much. Although i am classed as a nerd cause i get good results on tests and shit like that, in my opinion im too "different" to be a nerd. But school is what helped me find all ma bezzies, sooooooo i thank god for giving us school as without it i wouldn't of been able to meet some of the most amazing people eva. So god bless castle rushen high school !!!!!!

Ima loving english, which has to be funny and i got all ma bzzies by ma side, so as much as i love to diss school

My music :D

SOOOOO ohey there, just listening to my twilight soundtrack, and all i can think is it fails in comparison to new moons soundtrack. Im really into rock music, so the soundtrck is amazing (to me.). I love muse, paramore <------------------------------especially paramore <33333333333333333. My favourite song has to be paramore- all we know. I dont really know, i just love it. I'm also into a new artist called christina perri I think her song jar of hearts is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I love classic and modern rock from bon jovi right to muse and paramore. Some of my faves are.....(not in any perticular order)

  1. Bon Jovi- love em to pieces. YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME ;)
  2. Paramore
  3. muse
  4. linkin park
  5. green day
  6. def leppard
  7. kings of leon
  9. Rolling stones
  10. The band perry.
  11. The pretty reckless
  12. Green day
  13. Fall Out boys
  14. Hot read chilli peppers
  15. OneRepublic.
  16. Nirvana
  17. Neon Trees
  18. Evanescene
  19. Bullets for my valentine.
  20. The Fray
  21. Foo Fighters
  22. Black rebel motor cycle club
  23. My Chemical Romance
  24. Death cab for cutie
  25. 30 seconds to mars
  26. Mumford and sons.
  27. The Maine
  28. Mayday Parade

I know it's a long list, and that's not even all of them. But there are some of them, I love them all seriously they rock. Some of them i did discover through twilight soundtracks, (especially the new moon soundtrack) so thank you soundtracks.

Songs that i love and will never go away (im my opinion)

So songs i like, if you have read my things you probably know my taste in music is really messed up but thats what makes me :) anyway here are some songs im lovin right now :) will update when songs come in and out same for my musice list of bands/singers just my fav music.

  • Paramore-decode < just love that song
  • American Rejects-give you hell <come on this song is a classic LUV IT
  • Bon jovi- livin on a prayer < anyone who objects and i will give you hell (see what i did there ;)
  • Bon jovi- you give love a bad name < has to be one of my favourite songs of all time.
  • The band perry- If i die young < love this song so emotional and pretty. Just a legendary song.
  • Kings of leon- sex is on fire. < one of the best songs eva.
  • Green day-21 guns < love this song just an iconic green day song.
  • Chritstina Perri- jar of hearts. < this song is just amazing and she sings so beutifully.
  • I have much more songs on my list but for the moment they are the most listened to on my ipod so there you have it. The whole bon jovi album is also on there but yh anyay.
  • Skylar Grey-Love the way you lie. That's right i much prefer her version the original. It's just such a peaceful and calm song. Rhianna f***ed it up.
  • Maroon 5- moves like jagger. This song is just ace, cause i got them moves like jagger.
  • The pretty reckless-make me wanna die and just tonight. Both epic songs.
  • Robert Pattinson-let me sign. Don't hate me for it, but I really love his voice and the song....
  • Ok go-Shooting the moon. Thank you new moon sountrack, I love love love this song.

Tinsel Korey, I'm kind of obsessed with her at the moment.

Tinsel is amazing, we all know her for playing Emily in New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. She's such a nice person and amazing at what she does. Not to mention she's drop dead gorgeous. I've recentely been in love with her music, listening to it non stop. It's very different from my type of music but it's amazing. You'll probably know this because in my bid to get her more publiciesed i posted links for her music on various users talk pages. I love Tinsel and for some reason I'm kind of obsessed with her at the moment.

4 (2)

Soooooooooo pretty, she has pretty dang awesome hair as well.

Tinsel and Julia being awesome

Julia and Tinsel being awesome, Tinsel enjoys helping with charities, more reason to love her.

thumb|300px|right|Her preforming letter, it's also available on youtube. Listen to it, it's amazing.

Ma friends cuz they are too cool. ;)

  • Hazel-musical one who is good at everything. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING
  • Erin- the one who is hard to hate and really loveable.
  • Rachel- My best friend since forever no joke. The crazy awsome one who makes us wonder if she is bypolar cause she is sooooo crazy <3 luve her.
  • Lujay- the one who is cool and awsome and everyone loves. Also the best at insults since she is always in fights with other people. HA still love her though
  • Charlotte- the stalker, who stalks our music teacher.....cause she can
  • Adele- the singer, the one who is always lead in plays and owns the floor.
  • Keira- the shy one who moved to france but has now returned to us after 3 years. (we missed her loads :')
  • Isla- hmmm the one who is easily annoyed and easily annoys others :)
  • Lile- the one with the rechid laugh ( we love her really ) and the one who is in love with everyone :O
  • Tia- the one who is soooo funny without meaning it, but sometimes needs to think before she says. Also reads books although i am the bookworm and she is really sporty :D
  • Rachel. F- the one who is cool and has her funny moments, when she wants to. Also the one who just keeps out of everyones buisness cause she is respectful.
  • Cassie- the one who we love but doesnt always hang out with us. but thats cool free island

So they are ma peeps, i do have other friends but theses guys are me closests. They are really cool and they all absouloutly hate twilight :) except Tia who got me into twilight. She likes the books but isnt too fussed about the films. Anyway love them all.

My twilight relationship and Kardashian Family

So my relaitionship is messed up, I am in a joint marridge with teamtaycobsodealwithit and pucktana88. Yes it's a three way marridge. Except i am cheating on them with the wolf pack except jake, teamtaycob is cheating on us with Jacob/Taylor. And pucky is cheating on us with Aston Merrygold and zayn from one direction. So yeah and we are three kick ass girlfriends. So put that in your cereal and eat it :) We also like to compare ourselves to the kardashian family

Taycob+Jacob/Taylor= Khloe and Lemar because they're so cute x

Me=Rob because I don't have a permanant settlement at the moment ;) I love the entire wolf pack you see, can't just pick one.

Pucky+Aston=Kim and Kris, just because they wanted to. Although I think they should be bruce and kris...

CarlaCullen=Kylie, because she wanted to and we love her.

Good times

AHA pucky you awesome wife, you too team taycob ;) I.LUV.THIS so i had to put it on here somehow ;)

What i love to do with ma friends.

Well i am always busy, lol jokies. But i do spend an awfull amount of time with such strange people. But as they like to say the spend an awful amount of time with me, so touche. Anyway i do different things with different people but he it goes;

  • We hang out at eachothers houses
  • We make people look at us funny by doing strange things
  • We love to dare eachtother to do stupid things which ends up in the police telling us to shut up LOL
  • Connor lives two door down from me and we basically live at eachothers houses.
  • Me and callum love to go see scary movies but we hardly go with anyone else cause they are too chikcen.
  • Rachel and lujay tend to drag me out shopping when we are meant to be doing other things. E.g. He carlie come to mine says lujay we need to do the volcano. So i say okay and then she says oh btw we are also going shopping. But we need to do our work which means i have to go.
  • Me and jack are always fighting with eachother because we are too cool.
  • We go to school SHOCKER and we laugh at the populars cause they thnk they are the best.
  • We love to go to the cinema and watch kid films like cars 2. because them films are awsome DONT DENY IT!
  • I do cross country and football with tia cause we are the only ones who can be bothered except hazel who can be sometimes.
  • We secretly are ninjas but dont tell anyone, k :) i trust you lot
  • We love to help out at the home for the elderly because we are like that. it's nice when you see a big smile on an lovley persones face. And also the people there are amazingly nice and sweet.
  • We love going on my grandads boat because we rock
  • We like to do really big pranks on eachother, cause we are sad.
  • Tbh there are loads of other things we like to do but that would mean the page is to long and i'll get complaints. ;)

What i like to do, e.g. hobbies.

Well i have a lot of things i like to do, mainly i hang with friends but here is what i also get up to.

  • I'm not proud but i'll admit it. I bite my nails. I'm not that bad but i still do bite them and they arent very long
  • Reading ALOT of reading. If i am not on im reading a book or on here.
  • Listening to music and chilling
  • More reading
  • Drooling over the wolf pack
  • Arguing with my friends to why the wolf pack are better than the blodd suckers.
  • Biting my pen lids to their death.
  • Getting condemed to hell by my friend Kyle in goegraphy. FUNNIEST.SUBJECT.EVER plus our teacher brings us in cakes. Nothing better than that, although he hates me
  • Adding to my torture list. AHA lol
  • Going on my laptop-which i do alot.
  • Homework, not a hobbie i enjoy but because my teachers hate me they give me a lot of it.
  • Going on walks with the dog. My dogs name is seumus and he is a labrador collie cross. xx
  • More drooling over the wolf pack
  • Comparing Breaking Dawn Part 1 to the book, and realising what a disappointment the film was.
  • School, although i have better things to do with my time, without school i may not have met some of my best friends i have today. So i owe my mother forcing me to go to school a lot.
  • Football, in america i believe you call it soccer.
  • Supporting manchester united. If you havent heard of them go crawl in a hole. JKS ;)
  • Hanging out with friends and doing things in the list above.
  • It's always raining in the isle of man, so i go to the beach. AHA it's called derby heaven. And its just phenomanol. Seriously its quiet no one goes there, its next to the airport but honestly you barely notice the planes.
  • Create new sayings e.g. 'Breaking Dawn Part 1 had a lack of the wolf pack' or 'put that in your cereal and eat it' or 'put that in your oven and bake it'

I do a lot more things but these things are what usually consume most of my time

My childish love for pixar films.

Well in case you don't know, I'm an extrememly big kid. I love, love, love pixar films in peticualr Despicable me. I mean the films are just so lovable, I mean come on they just warm you heart. I am not afraid to say, I cried in the lion king and in Bambi and I got a little teared up during Pinochio. I mean come on disney/pixar films are the best. And Mosters of the best films ever. And who can forget shrek? But Despicable me is my all time fave, well one of them. I mean the minions are AWESOME!

Who can hate this little fella?

No but seriously the minions are awesome. I think sometimes it's the characters i love most in the films. I mean Boo from Monsters Inc, Dory from finding Nemo, Kevin from Up, Nemo from finding Nemo, Wheezy the penguin from Toy Story 2, EVE from Wall-E and you know what the sad part is? I can think of those names from the top of my head. I love pixar, and I'm not afraid to embrace my inner kid.

Cool little questionnaire thingy J

Which book in the series is your favorite?

My mind changes all the time but it's always between the these two books. But i think at the moment it's New Moon . I love meeting the wolf pack althought it's not completely got all of it's members yet. I also love the less vampire action and we meet the volturi. I love the volturi as well, but yeah so to me new moon or eclipse are the best.

How long did it take you to read the books?

Honest? twilight took me a day and a half, New moon the same amount of time, Eclipse about two days and Breaking Dawn 2 days and a few hours. But this was because i'm an obsessive reader as soon as i start a book and like it i can't put it down.

{C Who introduced you to the books?

{C My reading buddy and one of my best friends tia, she found them and was like we have to read them together and I was like hell yeah.

{C Did you buy them, borrow them, or have them given to you as a gift?

{C I bought them. I don’t like borrowing books I have to own them :/

{C What's your dream ending to the series?

To be honest i don't really know, i think i wouldv'e liked to see Jacob and Leah end up together and Bella be killed. I always wanted her to die, no offense or anything.

&nbsp Who is your favorite character?

&nbsp Ummm i dont have a favorite character because i'm not on a team for one person. I'm team wolf pack, and jacob isn't my favorite, i dont have a favorite but either way jacob is my least favorite.

{C Who's your favorite vampire?

So hard to pick well I love Rosalie and the denali coven is amazing ohhhh and esme. But I love the volturi I think they are the bomb. Especially demetri he can find me any time of the day.

Who is your favorite werewolf? That’s a nasty, nast question you are making me pick between ma boys no I refuse to. I CANT anyone on here who knows me knows I love the whole wolf pack; embry, paul, seth, quil. AWWW QUIL but yh seriously I cant pick.

What's one of your favorite quotes from the stories? {C Ummm i like these ones;

“Did you see the size of that Jacob kid? I think he could take Cullen down.”–Mike Newton

Charlie: "Look, I don't have to go fishing today..."

Harry: "Yes you do."

Charlie Swan and Harry Clearwater Got to love Harry.
Leah: (To Bella) “If you're here to torture Jacob some more, feel free to leave.
And this next one is a big favorite of mine, then again anything the wolf pack say i love <3333

Embry:I'm glad you're here Bella, maybe we can get a break from Jake's obsessive inner monologue.

Paul: (punching Jacob on the shoulder) “I wish Bella would call!

Jared: (eating a chicken leg) “I wish Bella wouldn't call!

Embry:Maybe I should call Bella!

Quil:Maybe I should call Bella and hang up!

(They all laugh, including Bella)

Jacob:Alright, you can shut up now. (Leah approaches) Bella, this is Leah Clearwater, Harry's daughter.

Bella: "Hey, I'm really sorry about your father."

Leah: "If you're here to torture Jacob some more, feel free to leave." [exits]

Jacob: "Fun, isn't she?"

What was your favorite Bella and Edward moment?

&nbsp {C As much as I hate them I love the meadow scene I love the flowers and alone time, but im not sure :/

&nbsp {C What was your favorite Bella and Jacob moment?

I liked it when Jacob was teaching her how to ride the bike, not just because she hit her head. *giggle*

&nbsp {C How about your favorite Bella and Alice moment? {C Dont know :/

&nbsp {C What was your favorite adventure/battle?

Oh I love the whole new born battle and she fighting riley. That was a good one, considering seth was a new wolf. GO SETH I LOVE YA BABY

&nbsp {C Which book cover was your favorite?

&nbsp {C Im not sure if its movie cover it has to be new moon I love the wolf pack lurking in the background although I don’t like Kristen stewart in it. Sorry Kristen, and original cover would have to be new moon as well.

&nbsp {C Are these books among your favourite books of all?

No they aren't, to be honest i love the mortal instruments by cassandra clare.

Twilight or New Moon?

New Moon all the way.

New Moon or Eclipse?

&nbsp Ummmm New Moon but eclipse is a close second.

&nbsp Eclipse or Breaking Dawn?

&nbsp I kinda prefer eclipse but I love breaking dawn. I love seeing it from someone else’s eyes ( Jacobs part in the book)

Are you excited about Midnight Sun?

No to be perfectly honest all it’s going to be is she is a fine piece of meat.

Who do you want to see Bella with most: Edward or Jacob?

&nbsp I don’t think bella deserves Jacob so Edward can have her,

Bella or Edwa

Ick, ick ickyyyyyyy none if em, throw them in the trash :(

Bella or Jacob?Jacob

Bella or Alice?

Alice! no question bout it bella is a whiney, complaining, un grateful, etc etc

Alice or Jacob? &nbsp Ummm sorry as much as I like alice it has to be jacob

'''Rosalie or Alice?

Rosalie, she is the only one who doesn’t take bella’s crap.

Jasper or Alice?

Jasper, I like alice but jasper is da best.

Jasper or Edward?

Jasper, he rocks {

Carlisle or Esme?

I cant decide I love Esme and Carlisle is amazing so both of them J

Emmett or Jasper?

Emmett or jasper, I cant decide two very different personalities and I love them both.

Emmett or Jacob?

Um ohh I can’t decide. but it would have to be emmet, i like a monkey man ;)

Bella or Rosalie? Rosalie

Esme or Charlie?

I can't decide.

Charlie or Carlisle?

&nbsp Charlie.

Charlie or Billy?


&nbsp Jacob or Sam?

&nbsp Um both ;)

Sam or Quil?

I can never pick between the wolf pack.

Quil or Embry?


&nbsp Werewolves or Vampires?

&nbsp Vampires, HA JOKE. Wolves own vampires butts, WOLVES OWN THE WORLD.

More thingys to paste ma lovelys.

If you love reading really long books just for the heck of it, copy and paste this into your profile. {C}{C If you ever sang the "I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves" song copy this into your profile!

If you are weird, insane, crazy, odd, not-normal, a freak of nature, psychotic, random or anything similar, copy this into your profile

'If you are obsessed with fanfiction copy this into your profile- i think we all know i am obsessed :)

'If you are a walking, talking Twilight series encyclopedia and proud of it, copy and paste this in your profile.'


If you have a tendency to talk/sing to yourself copy and paste this to your profile.'

'If you have ever pulled on a door that said push, or vise versa, copy and paste this on your profile.'

'If random songs pop into your head for no apparent reason, copy and paste this on your profile.'

'If you have ever tripped over your own feet, copy and paste'

'If you haven't died yet, copy and paste this onto your profile (hopefully everyone (excluding Edward/ all vamps) copies this one!)'

'Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, then weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!'

'People say that I'm weird, but I think that weird is strange, and strange is odd, and odd is different, and different is unique, and everyone is unique, so unique is normal, so therefore I am normal. If the same is true for you, copy this onto your profile!'

'If you have ever just wanted to SLAP someone and have done, copy this to your profile.'

'If you've walked under something that was about two feet above your head and ducked anyway copy and paste this to your profile.'

'If you read people's profiles looking for things to copy and paste into your profile, copy and paste this to your profile.'

'If you've ever copied and pasted something onto your profile, copy and paste this onto your profile.'

'If you are reading this line, copy and paste it in ur profile.'

'If you are seriously in love with Seth Clearwater and/or Boo Boo Stewart, copy this into your profile'- im so obssesed i should be locked up for it ;)

If you or your best friends are insane copy and paste this onto your profile.'

'Only crazy people can understand the brilliance of crazy things. If you are crazy and proud of it, copy and paste this into your profile!'



''''''''If you truly believe that there is an Seth Clearwater out there somewhere for you (his name doesn't have to be Seth...) copy/paste this into your profile.''''''''

'''''''''''''If you've ever had a really (and I mean really) obvious revelation, such as "my gosh, I get it, it's called fall, because the leaves fall from the trees!" copy and paste this into your profile.'''''''''''''

'''''''''''''If you've ever wished you could go into a book and strangle some of the characters for being so incredibly stupid, copy and paste this into your profile.'''''''''''''

'''''''''''''If you hate "Copy and Paste" junk in general, but at times can't resist doing it anyways...come on. You know you want to...'''''''''''''

If you are so obsessed with Fall Out Boy that it is NOT even funny anymore, copy this into your profile.

If you think that being unique is cooler than being cool, copy this on your profile.

If people think you are mentally insane...copy and paste this onto your profile.

If they are right... copy and paste this into your profile.

If you are obsessed with any band copy this into your profile.

If you know someone who should be run over by a bus put this on your profile. cough preps cough

My best friend is insane! If you agree, or if you have an insane friend, then copy this to your profile.

If you think that Writer's Block sucks, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you have ever forgotten what you were going to say, right before you say it, copy this into your profile.

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Nerds are cool. Nerds are smart. Nerds will one day rule the universe. If you're a nerd and proud of it, copy this into your profile.

I do not do drugs. I do sugar. If you're someone who does sugar, copy this into your profile.

If you have ever burned any sort of food in the microwave, oven, toaster, or on the stove, copy this into your profile.

If you have ever been so obsessed with something that now everyone is scared of you because of its effects copy this into your profile.

If you have ever cried when your favorite character in a movie, T.V show, or book died, copy and paste this into your profile. (Pete Wentz almost died I cried)

If you think you have too many of these "copy and paste this into your profile" thingies, but have no intention of stopping now, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you've ever asked a really stupid, obvious question, copy and paste this onto your profile.

For me, crazy is a loose term. Crazy is when you stare at a pencil and laugh when someone asks you what are you doing that is so interesting about the eraser. Crazy is when you have an hour long sob fest, and start singing and dancing when your favorite song comes on. Crazy is when you do or say some completely random thing, like," Do you ever wonder where the eraser bits go?" or having a thumb-war with yourself. Crazy is when you type up all your favorite sayings and tape them on your wall, just for something to do. Crazy is when you memorize the biographies and physical traits of every character in Twilight (or almost, at least). Crazy is when you write Emmett or Edward Cullen is hot on your homework instead of doing it. Crazy is when you giggle upon finding out that Edward has gone to the Volturi, because it was stupid for him to take second hand information. Crazy is when you wish your boyfriend's name was Jasper or Edward. Crazy is when you sit for hours on end talking about Edward with your friends. Crazy is when one of your friends come up to you and says "He is so completely gorgeous!" and you know exactly who their talking about because your brain is no longer set on English, but Twilight. Crazy is when all your friends are scared of you because you are so hyper. Crazy is when you threaten your friends with a free trip to Italy and a vampire mafia if they don't read Twilight. Crazy is when your friend calls you crazy, you tear up a little and tell them that was the nicest thing they ever said to you. Crazy is when I slapped myself just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming an insanely good dream, and didn’t wake up. If you are crazy, copy this onto your profile and add something crazy you've done to the list.

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, Crazy Billie Joe Loving Freak, Shadow929,SweetNCrazieSugarmuffin,The Komodo Dragon Phoenix,Bust_A_Groover, Tecna, Triggonseed, The Only Innocent Writer Here-Yumi, EstellaB, NarnianMelody, tookieclothespen, bellabookworm9, GoodyGoody23, EdwardIsMyLover, FrevrnvrLasts, The Dawn Is Breaking, I-tAUght-BeLLa-THosE-tRICks95, ilovestephaniemeyer.

98 percent of teenagers have do or has tried smoking pot. If you are part of the 2 percent who hasn', copy

If you are absolutly in love with Stephanie Meyers Fictional Character Jasper, Copy and Paste this into your Profile.

If you are a member of the unofficial Jasper Whitlock Hale Fangirl Club, copy and paste this into your profile

If you know you have an unhealthy obsession with one or all of the Cullens (coughJazzcough), but you don't really care because even though admitting you have a problem is the first step to healing, frankly, you don't wanna heal.

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If you think that the kids should stop chasing Lucky and leave the leprechaun alone, then copy and paste this into your profile.

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If you have no willpower post this onto your profile.

If you would kill to have wings, post on profile.

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If you actually read this whole thing add one of these things, and copy and paste this to your profile

now for semoehtnig itnresitng...

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty {C}{C uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal {C}{C pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a {C}{C rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't {C mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the {C olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer {C be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl {C mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. {C Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed {C ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. {C Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling {C was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you could read that put it in your profile. {C If you sigh at the fact that because your profile is so long there is little chance someone would actually take the time and read it, copy and paste this onto your profile.

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if you believe that there is a God copy and paste this in YOUR profile

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If you have ever snorted whilest laughing copy and paste this to your profile

Another little questionaire this one is girl and boy side, i am definitely more boyish than girlish :D

Girl Side / Guy Side


  • You love hoodies. How cant i, i own so many hoodies its funny.
  • You love jeans. Practically all i wear
  • Dogs are better than cats. My dog is call seumus he is da best, dogs rule and cats are vile cretiness creatures
  • It's hilarious when people get hurt. Uh hell yeah lol.
  • You've played with/against boys on a team. All the time, im on the boys gaelic football team and i won their asses
  • Shopping is torture. Yes sorry girlies but i really hate shopping urgh.
  • Sad movies suck. To be honest i prefer an action or murder film. or a comedy but not all of them suck
  • You own/ed an X-Box. Who hasn't?
  • Played with Hotwheel cars as a kid. Um no, i prefered books lol i was and still am a sad child :) an proud
  • At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter. Yeah just like my uncle :)
  • You own/ed a DS, PS2 or Sega. mhm
  • You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers. No.
  • You watch sports on TV. UH YEAH MAN UNTIED! im a big footie fan.
  • Gory movies are cool. in my opinon
  • You go to your dad for advice. Yes but i am more likely to go to my mummy dearest.
  • You own like a trillion baseball caps. Um no i am not american so thats not a trend over here.
  • You like going to high school football games. Like i said not american so i cant, but i do go to local footie matches and im on the girls team. so i'll count that as an yes.
  • You used to/do collect football/baseball cards. No never, always thought that to be stupid.
  • Baggy pants are cool to wear. Yes BAGGY PANTS OWN DUDE!
  • It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people. not if it's with ma bezzie and over all that's a grand total of 13 of us so no.
  • Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors. Yes love green!
  • You love to go crazy and not care what people think. Hell yeah cause im like that.
  • Sports are fun yeah but you dont have to be boyish to love sports.
  • Talk with food in your mouth. sometimes ima slob :)
  • Sleep with your socks on at night No sorry i just cant i find it too weird feeling

TOTAL: 20 omg ima dude moer than a girl lol, cause i own like that ;)


  • You wear lip gloss/chapstick. No dont own make up im not like that :P
  • You love to shop. I will when its neccaessary, but i dont love it.
  • You wear eyeliner. No dont own make up
  • You wear the color pink yeah but i dont like choose pink i hate the colour but some of my fav tops are pink same with ma hoodie omg it rules.
  • Go to your mom for advice. Yeah we are soooo different tho :/
  • You consider cheerleading a sport. Um we dont cheerlead where i live but i still do.
  • You hate wearing the color black. I wear black all the time, my nails are always painted black.
  • You like hanging out at the mall. We dont have malls.
  • You like getting manicures and/or pedicures. No i hate them :P
  • You were jewlerry? Yh i still wear jewlerry
  • Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe. NO i hate skirts and i am proud to say i dont own any dresses.
  • Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies. NO
  • You don't like the movie Star Wars. um no not really but return of the jedi was good. so i think that counts as an yes ?
  • You were in gymnastics/dance? Yeah i do tap, irish and manx. i used to do ballet.
  • It takes you around/ more one hour to shower, get dressed, and make-up. NO
  • You smile a lot more than you should. Yes but im just a happy person i love my life so i can. its good to smile
  • You have more than 10 pairs of shoes. Um yeah but most of them are converses or trainers.
  • You care about what you look like. Um i dont know how to answer that, i do but i dont care what others thnik about it.
  • You like wearing dresses when you can. NO NO NO NO NO
  • You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne. Yeah i own perfume. i love the glee one anyone elso love it?
  • 'You love the movie's. Um if that means cinema then yes
  • Used to play with dolls as little kid. No i read books LOL
  • 'Like put'ting make-up on someone else for the joy/joke of it. Um actually yes me and my friends do it all of the time but we do it silly not seriously
  • Like being the star of everything. honestly no.

TOTAL: 11 WOW is that bad? lol

Pics and other things that make me lol >:)

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not good but still kinda funnay


ha lol


awwwww love harry potter


just because i love spongebob <3

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