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Amijane Farrow
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About meEdit

Hi my name is Amijane Farrow and I am from a small villiage called Todmorden In England. As todmorden is a small villiage there is not many twilight fans so I began looking for websites which have lot's of fans to talk too and I found this one which I have slowly become addicted too. My Username is Teamjacob10 because Jacob is cool but i like all characters so i am TeamTwilight really

Things I LoveEdit

I Love reading, writing, drawing, computing and designing I like anything that involves a good Imagination that's why I like twilight because it makes you think and I always try to put myself in the characters situations and problems and try to think what they are thinking. Stephenie Meyer has a wonderful imagination she is a legend and I wouldbe honoured if she was my friend. 'I also love Pizza and chips and also fishfingers. 'I adore animals every type (including wolves) apart from spiders and insects they creep me out.

I love to make new friends so please Talk to me!

My Favourite CharactersEdit


Bella in garage

Bella is one of my favourite characters because she is relatable she is clumsy just like me and often makes decisions too quickly which don't turn out right later. Bella is said to be whiny and annoying but I think differently I just think when she sets her mind on something she will do her very best no matter what it takes to get it.

Edward is a favourite because of his love for Bella he would do anything in his power to keep Bella safe. Edward is romantic, loving, kind and caring many people see Bella and Edward's realationship as abusive but i believe not, because Edward only tells Bella what to do when its for her own safety but normally gives in to her anyway if it makes her happy.

Twilight (film) 1

Jacob and Bella at La Push

Jacob is another favourite because of his devotion to Bella, he would die for Bella much like Edward would but Jacobbelieves he can supply Bella with all that she needs and he also wants to have children with Bella which he thinks Edward can't. Jacob believes he can offer Bella so much more and provide her with so much more which is why he thinks he is so much better. As Jacob transforms into a wolf his body and mind mature alot but he as a person becomes more childish which is how he minipulates Bella into kissing him.

As well as Edward I love the rest of the Cullen Family aswell. The family protects each other in many ways and if someone messes with a Cullen they mess with all Cullens. Each person uniquein the family with different personalities and too stunning apperances infact the main 1 similarity is the Gold, Topaz eyes they posses. Each Cullen accepts Bella into the family with one exception (Rosalie) who later explains herself.

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