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About meEdit

Hi!!!!! I am an Awesome 7th grader who lives her life for twilight!!!!!!!!
My favorite book is Eclipse and I am most defiantly TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think Jacob STINKS! And i Adore Rosalie! I plan to marry Robert 
Pattinson! I am probibly the most book smart twilight fan! I wore 
out all my books  and had to duck tape them back together! I went
to the midnight showings, and my wall is covered with twilight!  i
also do this thing called Cullen Watch! (look below) 

               TWILIGHT FOREVER!
Lucy Anna
Biographical information

December 199X


as soon as possible


To be determined



Physical description





5' 2"

Hair color

light Brown

Eye color

Pale Blue

Skin color


Family information



Olympic Coven

My Favorite CullensEdit

  • Edward Cullen
  • Bella Cullen
  • Rosalie Hale
  • Emmett Cullen

MY Favorite BooksEdit


Breaking Dawn


Midnight sun

Short second life of bree tanner

New moon

Favorite people outside the CullensEdit





CUllen watch preview! Edit

  		Cullen Watch Week 2.

This week we interview Mr. Emmett Dale Cullen. CW- What was it like to be attacked by a bear? EDC- Um… Well that is kinda hard to answer cuz I don’t remember much about being a human, but I remember a sharp pain and a lot of wind. CW- Do you think that all the wind could have been Rosalie Running with you? EDC- Yeah Carlisle made that conclusion a while back. CW- We hear a lot about how snobby Rosalie can be. Do you think so? EDC- I definitely think she can be moody. Especially around Bella but I understand why she is so we try and give her grace. CW- How do you all put up with her? EDC- We just try and ignore it as much as possible, it helps when Jazz is there cause he can sooth her! (Laughs) CW- Well you have a family a lot of people dream about. How do you make it that way? EDC- We have all been through the same rough experience and are the only ones we got left! We are also more alike than most humans so we understand each other more. CW- Do you favor anyone in your family? EDC- Well Rose I guess. (Laughs) But I also always appreciate Alice, she is so optimistic and brightens every ones mood! But I really just love everyone it’s hard to pick favorites! CW- Were you always this buff? Or did this come with the vampire? EDC- Well back in my human days I definitely had the potential to be “buff” (laughs) and I was definitely bigger than every one else. But there wasn’t much work out equipment so I would say it came with the vampire. CW- Do you personally like the werewolves or now known as “shape shifters”. EDC- Yeah I don’t mind them as much as their stench, but their not half bad. (Laughs) CW- What is the best thing about being a vampire? EDC- Definitely the speed! It is so cool to be able to run 90 miles an hour! CW- What animals blood do you prefer? EDC- Bear. We assume cause it was a bear that caused the death of me. But it is always fun to go and wrestle a bear! CW- Do you like being a vampire or do you wish you were under a gravestone right now? EDC- Well when you’re a kid you’re always afraid of dieing but when you’re facing death you just want to get over with it! SO with the pain from the bear and the venom at the time you just want to die, but afterward it’s worth being alive. CW- But is it worth being alive forever? EDC- Well if you really want to die you just take a little trip to Italy… (Laughs ) Well kinda, just seeing the way things change over time is cool. And at least I will never get grey hair and wrinkles! (Laughs) People (or should I say vampires) like Rosalie would rather be dead but you just need to look at the bright side!

	CW- Well thank you Emmett for your time!

EDC- NO problem, any time!

Well there you have it folks! I’m Lucy Wasson and this is Cullen Watch!

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