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September 6, 2011
  • I live in Lies.
  • My occupation is Homewrecker.
  • I am Living dead.
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Welcome to my profile



Nike's Girl

Biographical information

This way




In your arms tonight

  • Nike's Girl (by my wiki friends)
  • E.

Hot human


Female, last time I checked

Family members
  • My pack
  • My wiki-friends
  • Matching clothes and shoes in no time
  • High body temperature
  • Speed
  • Being awesome
  • Telekinesis (I wish!)
  • Reading people's minds
  • Pathokinesis
Special abilities

Giving Jacob hugs

  • Doing HIIT workouts
  • Working out
  • More working out
  • Shopping
  • Studying
  • Runner at Life's Marathon
  • Runner generally
  • Heartbreaker/homewrecker

My Twilight historyEdit

I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

Well, what do you need to know? I was a "Twilight hater". In 2009 I remember I was about to watch New Moon but it turned out that I didn't (although the fact that Jacob turned into a werewolf had already been spoiled for me).

In 2011, in May, specifically, Twilight was on TV. I liked it but I didn't love it. After that, my interest in the Twilight series began. The rest is history, I guess.

Update: I'm sort of back and I still like the series a lot.

Why I am hereEdit

Initially, I signed in because of a friend, who's still the reason why I am here, along with other people. You see as my username reveals I used to be really Taycobsessed and I shared my love for Taycob with other people. I must admit I'm not that Taycobsessed now. Becically, I don't even like Twilight now, lmao.

Update: I'm sort of back and I still like the series a lot.

I care forEdit

Jacob, Jella (Jacob + Bella), Charlie, Alice, maybe Jasper, Carlisle, Bella's truck and perhaps Victoria. There might be some more too.

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