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The Volturi Rock :)

About MeEdit

Name: Katie

Age: Teenaged

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Reading, writing Twilight Fantiction, anything to do with computer graphics.

Twilight Fan Info: SUPERFAN. Knows loads. Read and watched everything, can't wait for BD. Is team Jaslec (Jasper and Alec) and also Volturi.

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Fanfiction Story, TornEdit

This is a Alec love story fanfiction story that I wrote. It's only the first 2 chapters, I've done 15 so far. If you want the rest or want to be updated, leave a comment in my talk.


Chapter 1


When the searing pain finally stopped and I woke up, everyone was gone. Whatever figures I had remembered before no longer existed. I didn’t know how long it had been since I’d last seen the world. It could have been centuries or minutes, I didn’t know. The first thing I registered when I did open my eyes is how clear the world was. All the colours were so bright! I also realised every single detail of my surroundings- I felt as if I had missed so much. My senses had been enhanced. I could see, smell and hear everything. Every object had its own unique scent. The grass below me smelled like it had been freshly mown and the tree near my head had a strong sawdust smell, with a slight tang. The small change in it was startlingly familiar to me. Something in my mind was trying to sum up what it was. I suddenly felt although I needed to remember.

Inside me, a voice told me not to bother. I wasn’t sure why at all; this was all new to me. I lay there, inhaling them for a while, and then I simply stopped breathing. Why wasn’t I breathing? It felt strange... Like I didn’t need to breathe to stay alive anymore.

The grass bristled against my fingers and I could feel every fibre of each stem. The cold mud below felt almost... Warm?

After what seemed like forever, I sat up, every bone in my body aching as if I’d been exercising. The world I saw was almost alien. I was in a forest surrounded by trees and plants. The colours still exploded out through these apparently different eyes. I was about to sit there even longer to listen to the amplified sounds of nature around me, when I realised something was horribly wrong. The time I had spent with my body on fire suddenly flooded back to me in one huge rush, but not in the same places as before. The fire was in my throat.

I barely gagged, and my hands flew to my neck like a reflex. There was a very slight brush of air that only lasted a millisecond. Suddenly, I was standing up, staring at the floor. How had a stood up so fast? My white dress that I was wearing was all torn at the bottom, but I didn’t care about that right now. My eyes raced around in movements that seemed to scan the forest. I had an urge to run in a certain direction. Before my brain even had a chance to decide, I was gone. The trees became a blur, like I was hitting 100 in a fast car. Wind whistled in my ears, and my legs carried me far away towards more distant sounds. The sounds were definitely people chattering. That fact made me speed up even more, the whistling increased and I was almost gliding towards my destination. Actually, it felt like I was flying without wings, there was no tiredness setting in at all. Deep in my mind, my thoughts were that something was seriously wrong with me. I wasn’t normal.

I breathed in for the first time since I had sat up. A whole new chapter of strong smells filled my nose. One stuck out more than all the others. I recognised it almost straight away- it was the smell of blood. The burning rose up to unbearable levels in my throat as I kept running like a lion chasing it’s prey. I couldn’t bring myself to believe the fact that the blood now smelled like the most delicious thing I’d ever came into contact with.

I entered the town without slowing, and grabbed the first human shape my eyes met. I knew what I had to do at that moment; my mind was set on it. My hand went over the human’s mouth and I felt a bone crack under my fingers. As I drug the figure towards me, a few more bones broke under my grip. It was apparent I was way stronger than him. I knew it was a man now, I had seen his face for a second. My hand over his mouth pulled his neck to the side, and I leaned in, putting my teeth on the seemingly paper thin skin and searching for the strongest pulse. When I did find it, I sank my teeth through the skin and ran my tongue through the warm liquid that came out on the slit I had made. My bottom teeth also tore in, and I began to suck it, drinking as if I hadn’t had a drink in weeks.

The stranger went limp in my arms, and I dropped him to the ground. I lifted my hands and looked at them, and I was amazed. They weren’t my hands. These hands were dazzlingly white. But the worst thing was, where the sun hit them, they were violently sparkling like they had diamonds on the surface. I slowly turned around, finding my feet. Reality came back in a rush as I saw hundreds of gobsmacked faces staring at me. I inhaled again, and the scent hit me like a slap to the face. I crouched forward; teeth bared, and gave a feline snarl, like a hiss.

Just as I was about to pounce for another human, someone’s arm was around my neck. I was yanked backwards and both my arms were held with force against my body. Someone was gripping me hard from behind. I tried to run away, to get free, but the grip around my neck increased and I was forced to stop. I got a glimpse of the person. His face showed pure fury and outrage. His teeth were bared and his nose was screwed up in rage. He had black hair that was slightly messed up from my conflict with him. He was taller than me by a lot, but the most disturbing thing was his dark crimson eyes.

I gave in against his grip- It was getting too painful now. In a movement that was so fast it barely existed, he ran away, dragging me with him. A deep male voice that belonged to him told me to be silent, and not speak.

Chapter 2


I remembered a lot more about myself as this man took me struggling through the shadows of Volterra. Never had I been to this side of the Italian town. The place I knew was sunny and had small buildings surrounding the town. And one clock tower, there was one of them too. This part of the town was dark and shadowy. I’d never seen it before.

I remembered a lot clearly then why I was here; I’d come for a week, from England. It was around that moment that all the information I knew about myself came back to me. No matter how awkward the time became, I had those minutes to really think things over. My name was Laura Aries and I was fourteen years old. I had jet black hair and blue eyes that were as deep and blue as the sea. In the back of my mind, a face flickered in my mind. Only for a second, but I saw it. It was a girl with blonde hair and light blue eyes. She was smiling at me. I couldn’t for the life of me remember who it was though.

The man who was forcing me to walk through the shadows still had a tight grip on my neck. We suddenly halted, and he shoved a manhole cover off with his foot. It was heaved about 2 metres away with a loud clang on the ground. I felt his arm pull me forward, and twist me around to face him. His hands gripped my shoulders. I once again saw that face; those fiery red eyes and seemingly smooth black hair. This time, however, he didn’t seem angry. His lips were curled over his teeth in a grin. It wasn’t a cheerful grin either- it was more of an evil grin. I breathed in slightly and his scent was musky. He was wearing a charcoal grey coloured cloak and a pendant which what seemed to have a letter V on it hanging around his neck. His hood was up, which only highlighted his eyes more. He had a strong build, with large muscled shoulders which gave him an added scary vibe. He gave a slight chuckle as he pushed me forward in one swift movement. All of a sudden, I was falling.

I expected to land in a sewer or something similar to that so I was surprised to find myself on my hands and knees on hard stone ground. My kidnapper landed next to me with a light thump. I began to turn on my heels and run for some kind of freedom, but his death grip was on me again within a second. I managed to talk this time. I screamed first, then blurted out whilst his grip was still weak. “Who are you and what do you want?” I cried.

The man simply kept me in that grip and kept walking. I was unable to see him, but I heard him speak. “I told you before, don’t say a word.” Before I could protest, a gloved hand was over my mouth.

How could he be like this? Where was he taking me? We were walking alongside a huge drop. That was all I knew as he kept my head facing upwards. I no longer struggled because I knew it was useless- he obviously wasn’t scared to kill me there and then.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was lead through a heavy looking door which he opened with almost no effort. Behind the door, the scene suddenly changed. I was looking at a high ceiling with a couple of patterns on. The walls were white and I got a glimpse of a few columns. Before I could see any more, we went through another door and the scene changed again. The ceiling was lower and more a grey colour and the wall was wooden brown. I was dropped onto something soft, and the hands loosened lightly before being removed from me all together. The tall man turned to the door and stood near it. He looked at me strangely- as if he was a teacher looking at a student who’d done something terribly wrong.

At that moment, I had a chance to look around the room I had been put in. The soft object I was sitting on turned out to be a wooden framed chair with a red cushion set on it. Just left of the chair was a large dresser which seemed... old fashioned? In fact, the entire room looked that way. Everything looked like objects from a movie set in old times. My eyes looked around the whole room, which contained no windows, before landing on the pale, red-eyed man again. He was no longer looking at me; he was looking at the ground in front of him, as deep in thought as me. He seemed to feel as if being watched, and his eyes shot up to mine. I fought back the urge to glare at him.

“Look at the ground, not at me. We’re going into the hall in a moment.” He said.

I just looked at him. He /was/ a lot taller than me. He almost reminded me of someone, but that lost feeling came back to me again as I tried to remember.

“Stop looking at me! Now!” He almost snarled.

I was taken aback by that approach, and I let my eyes fall to the floor in front of my bare feet. It was then that I finally realised I was wearing no shoes. Again, these feet didn’t seem like mine. They were flawless and pale white; almost perfect. The only thing I was wearing was the white dress that was tattered at the bottom and caked with dirt. For a spilt second, the memory came back to me of me putting it on, as I smiled into the mirror and held a phone in my hand. I was going somewhere, with someone, but I couldn’t remember where or who.

After a minute or two, the door behind the man clicked open and footsteps sounded around that area. I listened to them as they moved to the left of the door, towards the tall man. Following those footsteps, another set came in. These ones were a lot louder, however, and sounded like heels. I didn’t look up at the new people in the room, but I breathed in to see what I could smell. Two new scents hit my nose along with the man’s. They were both similar; only with slight differences.

I watched the shadows. I listened to the voices that spoke.

A deep voice, the one I recognised, spoke first. “Alec, Jane, I found this one I the town. She killed a mortal in front of most of the citizens, not to mention revealed herself as sunlight touched her skin.”

There was a moment of silence, before a female voice spoke. She sounded about my age, possibly younger. “We’ll be able to go in soon. Let Aro deal with her.”

“What’s going on in there at this moment?” The man said.

The female, who must have been Jane, replied with: “None of your business, Felix.”

The tall man, Felix, didn’t answer. I watched the third figure’s shadow. He was perfectly silent. I decided he must have been the one called Alec. He was the only one not mentioned.

The burn was coming back in my throat again. I was just sitting there still looking at the floor when Jane snapped at me. “You! What’s your name?”

I let my eyes drift back up to look around the room. The girl was standing little over than a metre away from where I was sitting. She had blonde, tied back hair and was about my height, possibly shorter. Her eyes were a violent crimson, just like Felix’s. She was wearing a cloak too only this one was a very dark shade of black. I stared at her, unable to speak for a moment.

Jane took a step back from me, and asked me: “Do you speak English? I asked you a question, now answer it!”

“I was... I...I... Uh...” I stumbled over my words stupidly. I was too scared of this girl to speak properly.

Jane’s head tilted slightly forward, like she was concentrating. Curiously, I just looked at her, wondering what she was doing.

A third voice then spoke. It was a soft voice, also deep and it straight away got me intrigued. My eyes shot to the left of Jane as he spoke. “Sister, wait.”

This male, who I’d gathered was named Alec, straight away was obviously the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen in my life. He had dark brown hair and his rounded face showed no expression. His eyes were beautifully shaped- but the same red irises as the rest of them, as well as pale flawless skin. He wore a dark coat over something red, but I couldn’t see it fully, with black trousers and a belt. He had a V pendant too, like the others did. He was looking intently at the girl in front of me.

Jane’s head turned in Alec’s direction. “It’s unusual for you to stop me, Brother. What are you wishing on doing with this one?” She asked him, in a voice with no expression at all.

“Nothing... I just don’t think you should make a decision to do that before she’s talked to Aro.” Alec replied, not moving his eyes.

Felix glanced at them both from the corner. He hadn’t spoken in a while.

Jane gave Alec a long hard stare, and then her eyes went back to me again. She said to Alec whilst looking at me “You’ve never been like this before, Brother. And I don’t like it.” Suddenly, my body was filled with fire- as if I was lying on the ground in the forest again. Only this time, it was burrowing deep into my bones and clawing at them from the inside. Every fibre of my body was being gnawed at. I let out a scream, and felt myself slip from the chair onto the floor.

As quick as it started, it stopped. I relaxed onto the floor, glad to be alive. I could have sunk into the cold hard stone at that moment.

A hand grabbed my hair and yanked me back onto the chair. It was Felix again.

Jane leaned in close to me, and said, “Let’s try that again, hm? What’s your name?”

“L... Laura.” I managed to say.

Jane nodded in front of me. “Thank you. Hopefully you know that you have to obey me now.” Her head snapped up to Felix. “Stay here with her.” She told him, then turned and walked out.

Felix moved from beside me over to the door. Before he waked out, he said quietly to Alec, “Stay with her.” Obviously not wanting to stay with me himself.

Alec gave a slight nod, and stood by the door once he closed it.

I was exhausted from the pain. I didn’t understand anything what had happened since I’d woke up. I knew I was different... But how? That was my main question. How was I different? The burn in my throat began to escalate. I looked down at the floor, not at the boy who was standing by the door. I was attracted to him too much... And he liked me too.

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