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Two things first: I love twilight,and im Team Cullen.Not Team Edward,Team Cullen, because all the Cullens are awesome.Carlisle is amazing because he is the BEST(and hottest) docter in the world.Esme is the sweetest person in on earth,and she gets barely any attention.I think that is wrong,so im mostly Team Esme.Edward is awesome because he's hotter than Jacob.Rosalie is the most beautiful girl ever,and I think thats all it takes to love her.Emmett is just a lifesize teddybear.Alice is just the happiest person ever,its impossible not to be happy around her.And Jasper, well he's from down south,and thats good enough for me.
Jasper Hale plus Alice Cullen. 'Nuff said.
As for my favorite twilight movie, i like them all but in a certain order:Twilight,because without the first movie,there wouldnt be any twilight in the first place.Eclipse,because Victoria dies and Bella and Edward are engaged.New Moon,because Edward left and theres too much shirtless Jacob.When Braking Dawn comes out that order may change,but well see.
My favorite books,in order:Twilight,again,without it,there wouldnt be the best story in the world.Eclipse,because Bella finally punches Jacob,and he deserves it.Breaking Dawn,because we get Renesmee. And finally New Moon,because again,Edward left.
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Jasper Hale plus Alice Cullen. 'Nuff said.

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