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Biographical information



April 8, 1945



Physical description






Hair color

Dark reddish gold

Eye color

Dark Golden Brown

Family information
Family members

Charlotte (mother) Lissy (sister) Amanda (daughter)

Special characteristics
Special abilities

Control Water


No One

Rachelle Lefevre


Elizabeth is a female vampire with dark, reddish gold hair and has dark, golden-brown eyes. She has pale skin,and is fairly tall, standing at 5'8. Thin in the extreme, she appears starving and quite feral, with small, narrow features and an elvish face.


Elizabeth was born eighteen years before her transformation to Charlotte, and had a twin sister named Lissy. At the age of seventeen, she married a man, and both had one daughter, Amanda, who is still alive today. Her daughter was only a few days old when Elizabeth was transformed. After that, she ran away from her biological family, not wishing to harm them, and becomes a traveler, living in random places for a few years before leaving them all together. At times, she'll come into contact with other vampires, however, most of the time they leave her alone, as Elizabeth is unsociable. Only those rare few close to her are allowed to call her Beth, which is preferred over Elizabeth.


She's described as unsociable and typically unfriendly, therefore being fairly unpopular with other vampires. A nomad, she doesn't like to stay in one place for more than three years, and is uncomfortable with other vampires. Distant and withdrawn, she keeps to herself and stays in the shadows, not bothering to come into conflict with others.However, Elizabeth isn't bad. She's a bit eccentric, as she can be seen experimenting with her gift of controlling water.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Aside from the normal speed, strength, beauty, and heightened senses, she has an uncommon gift. She can control water, but is still learning how to use it.


Biological family- She was very close to her family, and misses her sister and daughter, but had them presume her dead, as it was against the rules for them to know about vampires.

Unnamed Husband- Elizabeth and him both had a very bad relationship.

Amanda- She loved her daughter.


Elizabeth isn't bound to anyone, and is only loyal to herself. She does what she wants, and is the traveling type.


Elizabeth hunts animals, and not humans as they remind her too much of her family, and doesn't wish for loved ones to suffer. She also hated animals in her previous life, and therefore, animal blood had an immediate appeal to her.

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