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Oh, hello. Honestly, I did not see you there.

Name SquareEnixRocks
Gender Female
Nationalities American, Taiwanese
Languages English, Mandarin Chinese
Main Occupation Student
Other Occupations Swimmmer, Musician
Laterality Right-Handed
Ethnicity Asian
Birth Date March 2

Me and TwilightEdit

I'm SquareEnixRocks, but call me SER. I'm not some huge Twilight maniac, I used to be, but Twilight is just something I'd like to remember as a really good book series that has swear words and it's not a series for people under the age of 13. When I started the first book, before I did, Twilight was so popular, I just couldn't stand people going around saying stuff like, "Twilight is so epic! Read the series!" Or, "I read all the books, and I'm reading them again!" So then I read Twilight for the heck of it. The first book was good, I would stay up until 10:30 PM reading. Then I borrowed New Moon from my good friend. I finished the book during my trip to Taiwan. Eclipse took me a litte longer to read, since it was kind of confusing, but I did finish it. Breaking Dawn took me a long time to read because I got busy. Read the first Bella part, then Jacob, then the second Bella part. The fight with the Volturi bored me, strangely, so I didn't read it for a month or so. Then I finished the book, and since it was a borrowed book from my friend, I gave it back to her; of course; happy that I finally finished the series. I'm not really planning to read Twilight again, but maybe I will someday.

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