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Spreadthetwiluv's Page




Hello, I'm Stephany. Welcome to my page.

I LOVE TWILIGHT ! and I just can't get enough of it ! I am really obsessed with it, up to the point that it has probably gotten to the stage over obession.

Officially I am on Team Cullen ! I just can't decide! I love them all!

Out of entire the twilight saga (Not just Edward and Jacob) I am Team Carlisle !

I'm not necessarily on Team Edward but If I really had to choose I would be. Jacob is pretty cool.

I fall in love with characters because of their PERSONALITY I dont look for Abs or Biceps, those are all just bonuses for me. Its the personality that counts.


Carlisle 1 This user is on Team Carlisle.

Edward Cullen This user is on Team Edward.

Movie cullens1 This user is on Team Cullen.

Team Edward or Jacob?

When I fell in love with Twilight neither Jacob or Edward appealed to me. I fell for Carlisle and until now am still a proud member of Team Carlisle.

But my friends often asked me a question "Are you on Team Edward or Jacob?" and this left me undecided.

For the first month of my twilight fanship (I dont know if thats a word) I was on Team Jacob, by this point I had only seen Twilight and New Moon at the movies and had never read the books. At this point in my life Twilight was just a movie and I never really thought of it much. Everyone seemed to be saying Jacob was the best so I went with the flow. I always claimed that Carlisle was my favorite, people called me weird for liking him but it didn't bother me, still when it came to Edward or Jacob I was Jacob.

Then I read the books and my status in the twilight universe was altered. I finished Twilight in 1 week, New Moon in 1 week, Eclipse in 1 week and Breaking Dawn in 3 days (I know, I took my time, it was the Australian summer vacation, what was I suppose to do?) You ask "How was your status altered?" well when I read Twilight I found that Edward was more of my type of guy.

You ask why?
  • He is musical, I am musical
  • He plays the piano, (and probably even more instruments) I can play the piano and a wide range of other instruments including the guitar, violin and flute
  • He is mysterious and romantic
  • He is polite and has the personality that I look for in a guy as well as the looks (which dont bother me much)

I began to fall in love with him, of course Carlisle was still at the top of my list but I began to prefer Edward more then Jacob. By this piont I was up to New Moon and I was completely shattered when Edward left Bella and I had totally forgotten about Jacob (to me he was just another character) So I continued reading not really as interested as I would be if Edward or the Cullens were in it. I thought Jacob was sweet as a human but I missed Edward. Then when Jacob left Bella exactly the night after he promised he wouldn't I was outraged ! I hate people who break their promises! and that is when I declared myself as TEAM EDWARD !

My hatered for Jacob continued to grow throughout Eclipse. I absolutely HATED when Jacob kissed Bella either forcefully or at will. I had absolutely no sympathy for him and in fact I cheered when the newborn crushed him (I know I feel like a Jerk, good thing Carlisle helped him)

Then I got to Breaking Dawn and the hatered continued, I was repulsed by Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. Not only was Nessie a baby but the fact that after Jacob declared that he hated vampires and the "unborn monster" he imprinted on it! I was tired of Jacob's prejudgementalness, I absolutely iritated me! by the end of the series I felt nothing but hatered for Jacob and I just wanted to hit him!

I Hated Jacob because:
  • He is a stupid, obnoxious, moronic dog!
  • He forced Bella to kiss him
  • He broke his promise anyway
  • He hates the Cullens just because the are vampires
  • He is hot headed
  • He's in love with a baby

11 months later and I found myself reading the series again, I had read it throughout the year but this time around I noticed some flaws in Edward.

Edward was:
  • Overprotective, esspecially during the start and middle of Eclipse
  • Stalkerish, really do you have to watch me sleep?

Of course I still hated Jacob but when I got up to Book 3: Breaking Dawn I realized that he was starting to get nicer and I started to warm up to him, but I still didn't like him. Then one day I came across a New Moon extra called "Being Jacob Black" and I found that I could sympathise with Jacob, I know what it feels like to be rejected and used and it hurts. Still I dont think my relationship with Jacob will go any further then what Jacob and Rosalie have.

So now here am I, after 1 year in the Twilight universe I am back to square one, and again undecided.

But what I am decided about is that both these characters have flaws and neither one is perfect.

I still declare myself as Team Edward though, because again we have many similarities and he's still my type of guy. What I can say is that Edward is the Perfect guy who you would be lucky to find and Jacob is the guy who if you can find you hold on tight too.


My Favorites in the Twilight Saga

My Favorite books in order

  1. Eclipse - Great battle scene, characters and plot! definately my favorite book in the series.
  2. Midnight Sun - It was nice to be in Edward's head plus more Cullen and less annoying Bella.
  3. Twilight - It was nice to see Bella and Edward's relationship form plus Carlisle's backstory!
  4. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - Its nice to see her side of things.
  5. New Moon - Quite depressing really, its sad to see Edward leave.
  6. Breaking Dawn - Gah to many bad things about it! it was a rushed ending!

(New Moon and Breaking Dawn switch places from time to time)

Favorite Twilight Movies in order

  1. Eclipse (film) - Lots of action, different POV's, no skipping of flashbacks and it had COLOUR!!
  2. New Moon (film) - Nice CGI, Awesome warm colour, best score ever!
  3. Twilight (film) - Casting was great! but everything else was just screwed up!

Top 10 Favorite Characters: The entire saga

  1. Carlisle Cullen
  2. Edward Cullen
  3. Alice Cullen
  4. Jasper Hale
  5. Esme Cullen
  6. Emmett Cullen
  7. Rosalie Hale
  8. Seth Clearwater
  9. Kate
  10. Bree Tanner

Least Favorite Characters: The entire saga

Along time ago Jacob would be at the top of this list but now I have come to terms with him and seen that he is a pretty cool guy.

  1. Lauren Mallory

(This list will grow . . .eventually)

My Favorite Cullens in order: and their Pros and Cons

(Bella and Renesmee are not part of my favorite characters)

1. Carlisle Cullen

  • Pro: He is so sweet, caring, forgiving and he loves his wife and kids. He's a great doctor and he's cute plus he'd make the perfect Dad
  • Con: I dont really know anything bad about Carlisle

2. Edward Cullen

  • Pro: He is so polite, nice, caring, hot and I can keep on going and going. . .
  • Con: He watches you sleep and he is over protective at times.

3.Alice Cullen

  • Pro: She's so fun loving, great, energetic and awesome! she would make the best sister or bestfriend ever!
  • Con: Their is nothing bad about Alice, she great! but she can be very hard to keep up with.

4.Jasper Hale

  • Pro: He's Sweet, cute, not to mention hot plus he's got the cutest accent and great fighting skills
  • Con: Again I have nothing wrong with Jasper, I guess he can be creepy but when you get to know him he's great!

5.Esme Cullen

  • Pro: She is so loving and welcoming and she loves kids that aren't even her's.
  • Con: Esme is awesome and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her!

6.Emmett Cullen

  • Pro: He's so funny and I love his happy, cheerful nature
  • Con: I have nothing wrong with Emmett he's the big brother I've always wanted.

7.Rosalie Hale

  • Pro: She is beautiful, sweet to kids and has such a great personality!
  • Con: She can be mean and jealous at times but shes like a cactus prickly on the outside and soft on the inside.

8.Bella Swan (not included in favorites list as she is my least favorite Cullen before Renesmee)

  • Pro: She is caring, kind, sweet and humble.
  • Con: She is whiney, she doesn't listen, she's self depreciative and just plain annoying!

9.Renesmee Cullen

  • Pro: She's cute
  • Con: She is annoyingly perfect !!!

My Favorite Werewolves/Shapeshifters in order:

(I dont really know much about these characters so I wont be putting Pros and Cons)

  1. Seth Clearwater
  2. Embry Call
  3. Quil Ateara
  4. Jacob Black
  5. Leah Clearwater
  6. Jared
  7. Sam
  8. Colin
  9. Brady
  10. Paul

My Favorite Volturi Guards and members in order:

( I dunno much about them either and I wont be putting all the guard members)

  1. Aro
  2. Jane
  3. Alec
  4. Demitri
  5. Felix
  6. Marcus
  7. Caius

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Users I think are awesome

This list is in no particular order, I think you're all awesome lol

Alexa dreamer20, EdwardCu11enRocks, TeamEdwardFan, LuckyTimothy, Ameliadr, Twilight 7115, Kirby Phelps (PK), Ngebendi, Emmettslittleangel, Alice Cullen20000, Team-jacobgirl, Puddinginthesky.

There should be more awesome people like you guys...

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Contacting me and my other accounts

If you would like to contact me just leave a comment or message on the talk page.

For privacy reasons I wont be giving out my personal email. If you would like to email me though here is one of my email addresses

I've also got a account, its just the same name.

I recently got twitter (Not Personal) its @Spreadthetwiluv I'm just getting the hang of it though.

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