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Bella Swan
played by Kristen Stewart
Edward Cullen
Jacob Black
played by Taylor Lautner
James Witherdale
played by Cam Gigandet
Victoria Sutherland
Laurent Da Revin
played by Edi Gathegi
Rosalie Hale
played by Nikki Reed
Emmett Cullen
played by Kellan Lutz
Esme Cullen
Carlisle Cullen
played by Peter Facinelli
Alice Cullen
played by Ashley Greene
Jasper Hale
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"So are you going to be my valentine? Since you didn't get me a fifty-cent box of candy, its the least you can do."

- Jacob Black

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Bella Swan

Bella Swan

Bella Swan is the main character in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. The series is told from Bella's point of view, with the exception of the epilogue of Eclipse and the series' upcoming companion novel, Midnight Sun as well as the second book contained in Breaking Dawn. Isabella Marie Swan was born on September 13 1987 to Renée Dwyer and Charlie Swan, a young couple living in the small town of Forks, Washington.

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