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January 18, 1995


May 13, 2010

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  • Red
  • Black (when thirsty)
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Can see where someone is and what he does.


[Seattle Newborn Army]


Hello ,

welcome on my page! My name is Nikki.

I love twilight! That's why I'm here. haha

I'm Dutch so please don't look at my Spelling mistakes.

If you see one of them please tell me.

My Vampire StoryEdit

My (unfortunately) imaginary Vampire story.


Early lifeEdit

As a human Nikki wasn't very sportive. She lived with her parents but one day she ran away than she met Riley,

he told her that he could give her a better life so she believed him.

She followed him, than he walked into an alley and bit her.

Vampire lifeEdit

When she came in the vampire army she was very insecure but when she fighted an other newborn and won she wasn't insecure at all.

She met Bree Tanner and they became friends. After a few days hanging around with Riley she began to hesitate. She didn't trust him anymore.

Riley knew that she was hesitate and wanted to kill her.

Bree saw him making some plans to kill Nikki and she warned her.

Nikki immediately ran away. She came into Forks and traveld around for a few days. When the army was dead she found the Cullens.

She talked to Edward because she wanted to stay with them. Carlisle gave the permission after a conversation with Edward.

She heard about the dead of Bree and the army. She still feels guilty for ran away thats why her loyalty still lays at the army.

Now she hunts on animals.

The end

I was bored so I maded this up


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