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* breaking dawn: the film
* breaking dawn: the film
* breaking dawn: the book
* breaking dawn: the book
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About meEdit

in case you dont know, i luv twilight...a lot...... i also like avatar but.....i luv obsession. if you have read maximum ride, you know how similer the books are, so i recoment...haha...recoment..... it like, everbody!!! but i mostly recomend twilight...... :) wait....i hate anything that is against twilight...oh.. crap...mommy.....;)

where i live: ya, like i gonna tell u...LOL

what i luv: twilight...duh

the besties: whitney, dylan, nick, austin, tatiana, lexi, kyle

the worsties: yo mama....not really :)

you: haha, just jokeing

my pages:

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  • breaking dawn: the film
  • breaking dawn: the book

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