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December 19, 2010
  • I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on October 7
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am female
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About meEdit

Hi, My name is Tessa, nickname RosalieeCullenn

I live in the Netherlands and I'm going to the grammar school. It's maybe vain to say that I'm smart, but I like school very much and my favourite subjects are French, Latin, maths and Greek.

I first read Twilight when I was on holiday in France. It's amost a tradition that me and my two little brothers get every vacation a new book from my parent so we aren't bored at all. But this book was different. In the first place, I didn't like the Twilight saga at all, but that was before I read one of the books. I thought that it was overrated, I hated all the madness from the films and the newest books. However, then I tried to read Twilight.

And I was addicted. From the first the last one.

I gave the book to my brother, and he didn't said it, but he liked it...:). When we came home from France I went to the libary to get New Moon (Nieuwe Maan in my language, Dutch) and Eclipse (Eclips in my language). It was hard to get those two (Breaking dawn wasn't finished yet) but finally I got Eclips in my hands. It was a bit strage because I didn't get some of the things that were only mentioned in Nieuwe Maan, so I didn't like it as much I liked Twilight. 'Nieuwe Maan was just worse and I wanted to give up reading this books, also because I didn't understand the things with the wolves...I thought the were just boooooring. However, because Twilight was such a good book, wanted to read all the books...and I asked Morgenrood (Breaking Dawn in English) for Sinterklaas (almost the same as Father Christmas, but than not for Christmas). My brother gave it to me, and surprise surprise, I FELL TOTALLY IN LOVE.

Then I started reading Nieuwe Maan en Eclips again and I fell in love with those two again. I didn't read The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner (Het korte tweede leven van Bree Tanner in Dutch), but I'd love to.

Now I'm still reading the books...again and again. I infected my friends with the Twilight Fever :P. I've chosen my nickname because I really like Rosalie.

Since a couple of weeks I'm writing another Twilight novel, just for private using. I'm the main character :$. While writing my book, I discoverd my love for the Volturi, they're just awesome!

Some facts:

-I'm team Edward

-and Team Volturi :P

-The male character who I like the most is Alec.

-I don't like Leah Clearwater.

-I think Carlisle Cullen is the nicest person you can ever meet.

-Breaking Dawn is my favourite book.

That was it. Thanks for the attention :tooth:

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