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Jjba dio brando by cogdis-d3399wa

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure antagonist Dio Brando: The standard upon which all sexy vampires are judged.

I only really joined because I was making a fanfic with stephanie meyer vampires and while I was making specifications(yeah i'm a geek) based on the information in the books I thought It would be a good Idea to add the info I deduced to the site.

Few days later I have found the info I got wasn't really any more help at deducing strength than the info steph gave us.

For the curious...the info I deduced was that the force that emmett could produce with one arm via arm wrestling is 1×10^7 Joules or the energy in one shot from a World War II ISU-132 tank destroyer(Basically a tank desighned to destroy other tanks) While it justifies the vampires abilities to tear apart metal with ease. That was allready there cause steph told us in the books.

Also I purposly factored in a fully loaded cemment truck in that equation(just to be safe). If i had used a non fully loaded cemment truck the force would have been much less. Steph needs to give us more exact details. As far as I can tell based on other calculations emmett should be able to lift about 500 tons to 5000 a deadlift(bar on shoulder behind the back the back)

Why I got into TwilightEdit

I used to be one of those people that just hated twilight and would laugh his butt off at all snarky remarks on it. Eventually they just were not that funny anymore. So I decided to give it another chance. The romance aspect of twilight was hard to get over at first(mainly cause I found it was forced down my throat).

Looking past that the books are important aditions to the vampire genre. Even if you think the sparkling is just weird the crystalline vampire idea is a great idea. Twilight has brought vampires into the mainstream and now the fad has sparked a massive wave of vampire fiction....Some of it better some worse. Ahem lemme see some vampire fiction I enjoy and a little about them.

  • Twilight(Well Duh!)
  • World of Darkness(Cain=Most powerfull fictional vamp ever period.) (oh yeah he drives a taxi cab lol)
  • True Blood(Russel you crazy lovable SOB)
  • The Shunned House(Insanely dangerous/horrifying vampire-probably ain't dead at end of story)
  • Being Human(Excellent addition to vampires)
  • JOJO's Bizarre Adventures(I didn't think it was possible for vampires to be sexy and gross at the same time)
  • Supernatural(Not that powerfull but the alpha vamp scene is so perfect)
  • 30 days of Night(In both the comic and film they are so perfectly sadistic)
  • Dracula(With the Book, Bela Lagosi or Christopher Lee all three are so kickass)
  • Rosario Vampire(The anime is stupid kiddie porn, but the comic is fantastic)
  • Fright Night(Both the old movie and the New one are basically dracula in the suburbs)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer(An obvious choice)
  • The Saga of Darran Shan(Odd but soooo cute when the still young vampire meets the little girl he saved years ago...who is now a sexy teacher....I was shouting do her!!!! at the book)
  • Necroscope(The vampires are disgusting, but they are great opponents!)
  • Nosferatu(Started the whole vampires die in the sun thing which I hate, but ya gota love the elegance of the oldest vampire movie ever)
  • Gantz(Sci-Fi nanomachine enhanced vampires that can produce bladed weapons from their bodies-What else do you want!?)(Also the only Sci-Fi vampires I ever encountered in a good story, but they need more story arcs)
  • The Vampire Diaries(I watched the Tv show only, but it was great until the original vamps messed up the story)
  • D&D(4e vampires-I always play as one)
  • Hellsing(Alucard... caries guns that could punch a hole in a battleships armor, crazy hot, fights nazi vampires and christian badasses, second most powerful fictional vampire ever after Cain and he is funny)
  • Underworld(Vampires verses werewolves!!!!!)

I didn't censor that for people that only like sexy vamps so if anyone(even though nobody ever will see this page) decides to check out a series up there proceed with caution and look it up first. Also that list covers Films, Games, Tv shows, Comics and Animated shows. Happy drinking folks.

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