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About me and this blog.. Especially to Xavier's and Robert's fan!

huge fans of Riley Biers(Xavier Samuel), Edward Cullen(Robert Pattinson )

lets hear a talk of Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel.

  • not true mate! ;D
10 madrid

2nd Antagonist-Riley Biers

My favorite pagesEdit

Twilight Saga : Eclipse

Riley Biers( Xavier Samuel ) with Alice Cullen ( Ashley Greene )


RILEY'S MISSING.. Riley just went out from a bar.. he was on his way home.Suddenly something disturb him.. "who's there?" Spining around searching for someone. As he gets scared, he ran and ran until there's no way to escape."what do you want?!!". Something bite his hand and he fell down..Screaming as it hurt much. A year later, his parents looked for him since he was missing at seattle a year ago with Charlie's help.

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